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Deliver Result-oriented Learning To Achieve Business Goals With

The G-Cube Learning Performance Platform.

Automated. Instantaneous. Focused.

G-Cube Learning Performance Platform helps you analyze the performance gap of your workforce and deliver learning as an intervention to fill the gap increasing individual efficiency.

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Analyzes performance gaps from data collected from various business systems.

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Integrates with any Corporate Learning Management System.

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Delivers relevant learning with individualized approach based on performance gap.

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Allows to create rules and drive test runs to provide efficacy predictions.

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Transform Your Business Performance

With G-Cube LPP

Business performance depends on an associate’s skills, competence, behavior, and motivation. The first three elements can be impacted by targeted learning. G-Cube Learning Performance Platform can identify and fix the gray areas. We have solved this puzzle for the following business functions.


Human Resource











We Are A Step Ahead

At G-Cube, innovation is the way of life, and we try to bring that zeal to do better in every aspect of our work.We don’t just provide learn tech but engage with our partners for result oriented services.

  • Impacts the Business Results Beyond Learning
  • Based on Cognition & Learning Science
  • Fosters Learning
  • Technical
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Impacts the Business

Results beyond Learning

  • Customer Success Team  
  • Dedicated Support team 
  • Self-service Business Intelligence Tool
  • Compliance feature 
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Based on Principles
of Learning & support

  • Spaced Learning
  • Performance Support
  • Just in Time Learning
  • Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation
  • Flipped Classroom Model
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Fosters Learning Culture 

  • Social Learning Feature
  • Smart Notification
  • Easy Access to Knowledge
  • Easy integration with MOOCs
  • Backed Up by a Customer Success Team
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Technical Superiority

  • Built like a microservice platform  
  • Integrated LXP with elastic search 
  • Programmable channel – based UI
  • On premise/ cloud deployment
  • Secure Mobile App

Award Winning Case Studies

lpp blog 1

Automation and Standardization of Dealership Training

2000+ Royal Enfield dealerships trained
on a single learning platform.

LPP blog 2

Increasing Productivity of dispersed agent network through the LMS

Find put how Tata AIA managed regular
trainings of 207524 sales agents.