Learning with Augmented Reality through Mobile Learning Apps in the Retail Industry

Augmented Reality (AR) is widely popular as an immersive technology that provides innovative ways for people to create and interact with digital content. The successful adoption of AR-based mobile learning apps has resulted in improved learning efficiency and workplace competency. Currently, AR technology has spread its wings in the retail sector, especially for marketing, sales and onboarding purposes. Today, the retail sector is gradually moving towards using personalized mobile learning apps such as smartphones and tablets to engage more and communicate better.

Undoubtedly, AR is leveraging the power of collaborative learning and creating a workforce that proves to be an asset to the organization. There are several direct selling companies which have adopted AR-based mobile apps to sell their products in an effective manner. Using custom apps, users can simply scan the product to start the animated video which highlights product details, its ingredients, benefits and more. As a result, it helps the customers to attain detailed knowledge about the product before they buy it, thereby boosting their trust in the brand and affecting the bottom line.

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Training Challenges & Solutions in the Retail Industry

When it comes to workplace learning, training the sales personnel becomes a major concern. Either, employees fail to engage or simply do not prefer attending classroom-based training sessions. As a result, they fail to effectively market or sell their products across the targeted audience. Apart from this, some of the other challenges include:

  • A constant need to maintain the right balance between creating an AR-based video vs an educational tour video.
  • Audios and videos are embedded in mobile-based courses, but there is also a need to adopt a storytelling approach, to highlight the traceability of individual products.
  • There is a complete dependency on vendors due to a lack of in-house experts.
  • Taking different products to different locations is also a tedious task, resulting in wastage of time and effort.

To overcome such challenges, organizations adopt AR technology to deliver training across multiple mobile devices. Some of the benefits of AR-based mobile apps as an effective sales support enablement include the following:

  • Augmented reality solution can help the retail workforce to effectively sell the right product to the right audience.
  • Sales employees can easily showcase their product details on a smartphone or tablet, anytime and anywhere.
  • Animated videos based on various products can easily align with the marketing expectations.
  • As mobile apps can be downloaded anytime, it can be easier for the customers to access those apps as per their convenience and learning needs.
  • The inclusion of traceability stories of each product in the video, helps to enhance the overall customer satisfaction, their engagement and knowledge retention.

With the help of AR, customers are able to make better decisions on buying any specific product, leading to improved sales and business productivity. In addition, it is easier to customize features and functionalities of diversified products as per the personalized needs of individuals. This aids in visualizing what the product might look like and how it might work in different situations. Sometimes, customers are not convinced enough because of less engaging information about a specific product. With the help of AR, even costly products can be converted into lower cost models which improve their overall accessibility and conversion rates.

The scope of using mobile apps to deliver engaging augmented learning experience is preferred by consumers as well as in-house salesforce. Mobile devices are also utilized to help the new hires update on different products, thereby bridging their knowledge gaps and imparting better dissemination of knowledge. G-Cube excels in offering innovative mobile learning apps for varied domains such as healthcare, aviation, automobile and other sectors to boost the overall engagement and retention levels. For more details, please write us to [email protected].

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