Best LMS Platforms for Corporate Training: Aligning Learning to Performance

Most of the organizations are focusing on improving workforce performance, engagement, ROI, and overall effectiveness of training programs. Online learning approach leaves a more significant impact on professional development than traditional classroom sessions. Today, Learning and Performance Platforms (LPP) are counted amongst the best LMS platforms to deliver personalized training for targeted audiences. For businesses, LPP boosts competency level; while imparts a seamless user experience for learners. The robust LPP connects learning to performance based on pertinent needs and training goals.

Best LMS Platforms

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Industries from Automobile and Retail to Pharmaceutical and others face the challenge to train their globally dispersed employees. The need to enhance knowledge competency and workforce performance is another challenge. To address these challenges, organizations deploy best LMS platforms which deliver performance-driven solutions. Key features of modern LPP which align learning to performance include:

  • Content Curation
    The new-age learning platform supports automated content curation based on the pertinent training needs.
  • Virtual Assistant A personalized virtual learning assistant to assess workforce performance and enhance business competency.
  • Intelligent Search The LPP performs a smart search based on reduced time and effort to perform different learning tasks and impart intuitive experiences.
  • KPI Modeler It helps to collate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create relevant performance metrics. Based on the KPI data, training is automatically assigned as per the personalized learning needs of intended learners.
  • Rule Engine The LPP utilizes a rule engine to set different rules based on varied skills-gaps and performance metrics.
  • Seamless Integration The LPP integrates with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, PMS, and others to fetch relevant KPI data.

Modern corporates leverage multiple benefits of modern Learning Performance Platforms. These include:

  • Better engagement and retention With technological advancement, modern learning management systems deliver performance-aided and ROI-aligned solutions to cater to bespoke needs. So, organizations provide mobile-enabled learning courses to provide self-paced learning. As a result, training boosts engagement, knowledge retention, bridge skills-gaps, and improve learning uptake.
  • Greater accessibility To train the workforce spread across diverse demographics is a common challenge. Organizations create engaging online courses for personalized mobile devices to enable learning anytime and anywhere. So, this leads to greater reach and accessibility, thereby improving workforce performance, training ROI, and overall impact.
  • Improve brand value Several organizations adopt innovative e-learning solutions to enhance brand value, which highlights the company's products, success stories, services, and more. So, investing in powerful online learning platforms leads to reduced gaps, better performance, and business value.
In today's digital world, most of the organizations work towards upskilling their workforce and improving business efficiency. Therefore, the best LMS platforms are utilized to create, deliver, as well as update content as per the tailored needs of diversified audiences. Do you want to boost the overall ROIs by linking learning to performance? Or do you want to engage and encourage your workforce to bridge the need-gaps and increase overall efficiency? Then, G-Cube LMS is a robust learning management platform which serves to your needs. Also, G-Cube is offering the complete Learning Suite which comprises of G-Cube LMS, LPP, as well as Learning Experience Platform (LXP). The modern LPP supports business-aligned, learner-driven, and result-oriented solutions to drive engagement, retention, and attain competitive success.

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