Choosing Amongst the Best LMS Systems for Modern Learners

Large enterprises, small startups, and even educational institutions benefit from a robust learning management system (LMS). Out of the best LMS systems used worldwide, some are perfect for workforce training while others help to streamline your academic experience. Self-paced learning, skills-gap analysis, automated training delivery, increased ROIs are some significant benefits of using the best LMS for e-learning. Robust eLearning platforms hold the potential to deliver training, track performance, generate reports and measure the outcomes of a training program.

Best LMS Systems for Learners

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In today's digital era, most of the organizations are shifting from traditional instructor-led approach to lucrative e-learning solutions. Using the best learning management system, you can seek relevant information as per your pertinent needs. There are various kinds of mobile-enabled, extended, as well as cloud based LMS in the market. If you want to stay competitive, then choose the one that best fits your learning needs. Top LMSs include:

  • Docebo
    The best LMS when it comes to delivering mobile-centric e-learning solutions for learners across different demographics. Docebo LMS is a SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can compliant platform, suitable for internal as well as extended workforce training, business presentations, and more. Its top features include- coach and share on mobile platforms to drive social collaboration, blended learning, classroom management, salesforce integration, certification management, and so on.
  • G-Cube LMS
    Listed amongst the best LMS systems, the proprietary G-Cube LMS caters to the ever-evolving training needs of different sectors including retail, automobile, aviation, software, healthcare, education, and even more. The cloud based learning management system caters to millions of users with more than 100 implementations worldwide. Its advanced features include- rapid authoring, content management, gamification, video streaming library, KPI-based learning, virtual classrooms, assessment engine, Business Intelligence tool, and more. Moreover, G-Cube LMS is counted under the prestigious Top 50 LMS Listing 2019 by Craig Weiss.
  • Blackboard
    It is suitable for both corporate as well as the education sector with a virtual ecosystem. The intuitive user interface of the cloud learning management system makes it accessible from desktops as well as mobile devices. Its key features include- user management based on skills-gaps, job roles, learning styles, etc., social learning, blended learning, and more.
  • Litmos LMS
    The new-age LMS provides ready-made training material using robust learning management tools to drive organizational performance. It caters to the learning needs of internal as well as external workforce comprising customers, partners, and franchisees. Top features include- gamification, video assessments, eCommerce, virtual classrooms, mobile device optimization, and others.

In today's fast-paced world, organizations deploy the best LMS systems which accelerate the business pace, drive a competent workforce, and attain a competitive edge. Now when you know about the advanced features of modern LMS, it is easy to select the best platform that aligns learning with your pertinent organizational goals. So, are you looking for a robust, flexible, and customizable LMS for workforce training? Or if you want to save on training costs, track performance, and personalize your experience, then G-Cube LMS is a perfect platform for all. To know more about our proprietary G-Cube LMS, write us to [email protected] or request for a personal demo here.

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