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With digitization, most of companies are shifting towards technology-aided learning solutions with the support of the corporate learning management systems. Organizations from different industry verticals leverage benefits of corporate LMS to streamline training process, reinforce learning, and drive competitive success. Traditional training platforms, with rigid architecture, distributed learning courses with less flexibility given to instructors. So, the key to a successful training initiative is the utilization of online learning systems providing dynamic learning experience through optimal learner engagement and collaboration.

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When selecting the best corporate LMS in the marketplace, it is essential to consider the key features which drive the best outcomes. Several features and benefits of modern LMSs include content and user management, automated reporting, performance tracking, social collaboration, and more. Let us discuss them in detail:

  • Learning on the go With more number of employees working from remote locations, it is crucial to use mobile LMS for corporate learning. Training courses available on personalized mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) enables content accessibility, downloading, and answering queries even on the go.
  • Custom UI Modern LMSs have a visually-appealing UI which seeks maximum user attention of and an improved learning uptake. Personalized learning is delivered by adding different options into the UI as per the needs of the globally dispersed workforce. Corporate LMS also embeds multiple themes with the new-age UI to enable users to select the relevant color scheme, background image, and other visual cues as per their pertinent learning needs, styles, and preferences.
  • Automated reporting Some of the popular LMSs support Business Intelligence (BI) tool to automatically generate different kinds of reports for administrator, learner, manager, and more. Other advanced features include:
    Scheduling reports automatically mailed to learners.
    Creating custom filters for different reports and saving them for re-use
    Printing reports in multiple formats- PDF, Excel, Text file, and others
    Providing intuitive dashboards for various roles in the LMS.
  • Social timeline It is crucial for learners to collaborate via a single platform to share new ideas. The new-age LMSs aid managers to manage blogs, discussion forums, FAQs, launch surveys (Multiple choices, True/False, Descriptive), send timely announcements, and more. On the other hand, learners can also share posts, comments, and content with others. Users get course recommendations personalized to their profiles and learning needs.
  • KPI-driven learning Modern LMSs integrates Sales Performance Systems, Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and other existing systems to fetch employee data. These collate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data to create learner performance metrics and automatically assign training courses as per the personalized needs. The LMS also supports the KPI dashboard for admins to analyze individual performance as per the derived training outcomes.

Today, some of the topmost corporate LMS providers are deploying robust e learning systems to meet the ever-evolving needs and stay ahead of the curve. Also, modern LMSs for corporate learning help boosting workforce engagement, knowledge retention, and overall business performance to cater to personalized goals. Supporting a wide range of features such as user management, mobile apps, automated content delivery, assessment engine, BI reporting, virtual classrooms, and more, G-Cube LMS holds expertise in meeting the training and development needs of corporate learners. To know more, you can write to us at [email protected].

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