Improving Your Employee Onboarding Experience With Robust Learning Management Systems

There are various organizations which focus on delivering effective onboarding solutions to new employees. These provide best-in-class online learning services to monitor pre- and post-onboarding activities in a smarter and better way. Organizations always try to optimize the first interaction of new hires by training through robust Learning Management Systems (LMSs). They embed innovative ways to make learning more fun and engaging instead of providing written documentation.

Today, employee onboarding programs need to be a perfect amalgam of motivation, communication and retention. Onboarding not only affects long-term career plans of new hires, but also significant for their individual achievements. Modern LMS aids to develop and deliver effective onboarding programs to help new employees rightly fit into the organization. It helps to design a formal strategy, helping businesses to create, assign, deliver and monitor end-to-end training processes. Organizations that invest in online learning platforms use them to optimize their onboarding programs in the following ways:

Modern LMS - Learning Management Systems

1. Train new hires about new LMS

Initially, organizations create LMS login credentials for new hires to access training. But, the right strategy is to first guide employees on how to use an online learning platform and perform tasks such as logging in, logging out, accessing e-learning modules and more. As a result, it ensures that new employees are well-acquainted with the platform, and encouraged to participate in training sessions, even after the onboarding program is completed.

2. Keep the process consistent

As organizations onboard new employees, it becomes important to execute a more consistent and effective strategy. Therefore, an additional effort is necessary to boost workforce skills, learning efficiency and anticipate the modern learners' needs. Consequently, it will make the onboarding program smoother and more efficient in keeping your workforce fully engaged and productive.

3. Integration with social learning tools

There is a myriad of LMS social learning tools including calendaring, social media platforms, video conferencing, live chats and more that help new employees to connect with the organization. Mentorship is provided using these tools, which leads to increased employee engagement and retention at the end of an onboarding program.

4. Promote gamified onboarding programs

A modern LMS features the process of e-learning so that learners can reap maximum benefits from courses they access. Gamification of e-courses is yet another significant way to optimize the onboarding programs. Instead of providing a classroom learning environment, several types of gaming elements such as badges, points and scores are included with e-courses to impart an experience full of fun and engagement. With successful completion of training, educators assess individual scores to analyze their overall performance.

In today's modern scenario, workplace training is considered as a crucial tool for employee interaction and retention. With the help of efficient LMS, organizations are able to align the best training programs with diverse business objectives to achieve the desired training outcomes. A perfect onboarding program imparts incredible benefits including optimal customer satisfaction, employee retention and overall business profits. An LMS can improve the overall learning uptake from an onboarding program. It helps new hires ndergo the same training across a single platform, in a more efficient way than traditional classroom-based training programs.

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