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In today's digital scenario, learning has expanded its footprint inside and outside an organization, supporting partners, employees, suppliers and customers at all levels to boost organizational performance. Several organizations strive to create innovative solutions to impart training that educates and motivates its people. But, training has to often extend the confines of the organization to deliver an effective and uniform learning experience. Training an active community of external workforce is the reason why organizations deploy an extended enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) to leave an incremental impact. E-learning outside the organization acts as a significant tool to aid organizations to improve their business growth and profitability.

Enterprises investing in e-learning and extended LMS leverage the best use of innovative technologies as an asset which can be shared with the global audience. They create smart networks to reach external workforce network, thereby affecting the bottom line and attaining a competitive edge. Outlined below are some of the ways how extended learning programs prove successful in catering to the needs of modern learners:

Extended Enterprise LMS

  • The extended LMS is seamlessly integrated with Dealer Management Software (DMS) which acts as the backbone of the extended workforce. Consequently, training can begin instantly without any additional implementation issues.
  • The extended LMS utilizes data from the DMS, where sales figures trigger the LMS to provide relevant content to the learner, thereby helping the external workforce to learn and perform better.
  • Today's tech-savvy learners are adept at using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. By creating multi-device learning delivery, training is made available across different devices, providing ample opportunities to learn. In addition, as the new-age learners are familiar with their personalized mobile devices, e-courses are aligned as per their learning styles and preferences.
  • Different kinds of training courses are uploaded on the extended LMS as per different job roles assigned to the individuals. This ensures the delivery of personalized learning experience, making best of the knowledge and then applying it in real-life workplace scenarios.
  • Sometimes, employees do not find enough time to attend training programs during their office hours. The extended enterprise portal is then deployed to send automated messages to the learners' mobile phones once the user registers on the system. Also, a text message can be sent every time training is assigned to an individual. Such instant reminders aid the learners track learning events and their progress in a better way.
  • Online as well as offline assessments are uploaded on the extended portal to provide a cumulative picture of learners' performances and knowledge competence. For each assessment, learners are allowed to retake tests which help in reinforcing the overall learning experiences.
  • For extended workforce on-the-go, the extended LMS can be available as a mobile learning app for both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile-based approach supports easy navigation, responsive design and other features like scrollable content catalogue, offline assessments and more.
  • Some modern Extended LMSs also supports the facial recognition feature to identify all learners on board. It helps to highlight the shortfalls on teams, thereby ensuring that external network is trained well.
  • The video streaming player feature is also supported by an extended LMS, which helps managers and users to create short video nuggets and upload them for continuous content updates.

Undoubtedly, extended learning programs boost the overall satisfaction of the extended personnel. These help to build better collaboration among the learners, providing access to the updated learning content. As a result, it boosts the overall work satisfaction of the learners and improves the sales figures. Extended enterprise LMS is easy to use, even if the learners are new to the technology-aided platform. It can be customized for different learners with varied job roles, allowing them to access features that align with their specific needs. Extended LMS helps the organizations to manage their external workforce more efficiently, thereby increasing the chances to create attainable targets and achieving them as well.


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