How Corporate LMS Uses Chatbots To Offer An Imperative Experience

Digital learning involves content delivery in personalized learning environments, gamified approach and online collaboration. It has helped employees interact with the educators irrespective of their time and location. In today's digital era, use of online Learning Management Systems is evolving with the blend of artificial intelligence and personal touch that a trainer offers. The emergence of messaging apps, scope of artificial intelligence, wider reach of cognitive technologies and automation has driven the chatbot trend. Learning & Development companies have discovered ample ways in using chatbots which can be embedded with e-learning courses.

Evolution of Bots

The prominent bot experience is the one in which learning will cater to the customized needs of individuals. Let us see how bots will gradually shift in the future:

  • Traditional bots- They were system-driven and automated, with an ability to maintain only system context.
  • Current bots- They are incorporated to initiate effective communication between the system and user, with an ability to maintain contexts for both.
  • Future bots- In the future, bots will be used to communicate at different levels; between the system and people, people to people and system to system. Automation will take place at the service level and master bots will eventually be introduced.
Chatbots for LMS

How Can a Chatbot Drive Your Business?

Chatbots are driving the digital world by storm, which can be animated characters or cartoon figures, text or a simulated voice. This advanced technology aids humans interact with computers in their inherent language. Learners find it easy to interact through chatbots, either by typing messages or conveying verbally as per the software's capability. Few reasons why chatbots are important for your business include:

  • Social learning
    Learners from different demographics have diverse learning needs. Therefore, they use chatbots to collaborate across social media platforms to initiate discussions.
  • Mobile-friendly
    In addition to the web presence, chatbots are useful for advanced mobile apps to deliver learning on the go and at the point of need.
  • Simulated guidance
    Simulated bot act as a guide helping learners navigate through the course, ask queries and gain personalized experience. For instance, if it's a language course, chatbots translate it in the desired language of the user, thereby increasing participation level of learners in a real-life simulated environment.
  • Reinforcement
    Quizzes and assessments are embedded to help learners gather information in an effective way. Industries use chatbots to reinforce learning by providing content at certain trigger point. For instance, if the participant has achieved some level, then chatbot can notify interesting trivia, motivating learners to access further courses.
  • Low costs, huge returns One of the best things about bots is that they are cost-effective. Chatbots require minimal maintenance and since they are automated, no labor work is required.

With a wide spectrum of tools and technologies available, using chatbots in an e-learning environment is quite easy and reliable in today's time. The bot feature is embedded with LMSs to make your digital learning experience more personalized. The trend of using intelligent chatbots is evolving and enterprises are making path-breaking advances in this area.

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