Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and More: Industries Providing Custom E-learning Solutions through Augmented Reality

The training and development market has come a long way from classroom-led instruction to modern Learning Management Systems and custom mobile learning apps. Augmented Reality (AR) is an evolving technology responsible for driving a significant shift in the entire corporate training landscape. From desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones, technology is affecting the ways people learn and engage. With digitization, AR has reached to a point where modern enterprises utilize this technology as a useful tool to ensure custom e-learning workflow. It is of no surprise that utilization of AR-based mobile learning apps is becoming the latest buzz for e-learning industries.

Augmented Reality for LMS

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Today, the technology used for corporate training is evolving at a fast pace. There is considerable scope of AR-specific mobile apps, depending on the pertinent learning needs of all. Several use cases of AR to train the workforce in various industry verticals are discussed as follows:

  • Healthcare- Practice in the virtual environment
    Sometimes, surgeons and clinicians lack hands-on experience as they practice on the human skeleton or human specimen during training. As a solution, healthcare organizations use AR-based mobile apps which aid surgeons to practice on simulated manikins safely. The robust apps are compatible with both manikins and patient simulators, effectively capturing the frame of the human body and analyzing details as per the aligned medical process. For instance, it can show the exact spot for injection or scan body parts for any diagnosis, thereby bringing accuracy in the entire medical procedure.
  • Retail- AR mobile apps for Salesforce
    When it comes to workforce learning within retail organizations, then training the sales personnel becomes a concern. Either, employees fail to engage or do not prefer attending classroom-based training sessions. Augmented reality solution can help the workforce to sell the right product to the right audience effectively. With the help of AR, customers can make better decisions on buying any specific product, leading to improved sales and business productivity. Also, it is easier to customize features and functionalities of diversified products as per the personalized needs of individuals. This aids in visualizing the benefits and features of different products.
  • Manufacturing- On-the-floor practice
    To become skilled on how to handle complex machinery, employees need to undergo training before working on the factory floor in real-life. The delivery of custom e-learning solutions through mobile devices enables employees to understand the functioning of complex machines. Interactive videos and voiceovers embedded with training content familiarize learners with the facts they should know about the complex mechanisms. Also, manufacturing companies deploy personalized mobile apps which can analyze different workplace situations and take immediate action on changing some detailsged.

Delivering Effective Compliance Training Using Themes, Scenarios, and More

In a nutshell, the delivery of AR-specific training solutions helps to enhance a user's perception and connection with the real world. AR-based mobile apps promote workplace safety, better employee efficiency, and improved outcomes. Industries including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and others deploy robust augmented mobile apps to deliver custom e-learning solutions as per the tailored needs of the modern workforce. With the increasing use of personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the opportunities to create engaging augmented training environment are also explored. G-Cube, a renowned e-learning services company, supports the delivery of innovative mobile apps based on the concept of AR, to boost the overall business productivity, employee engagement, and knowledge retention. For more details, you can write to us at [email protected], and we will come up with innovative mobile apps to cater to your bespoke training needs.

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