Introducing Scenarios, Videos, and Themes with Online Courses: Compliance Training is Not Boring Anymore

Organizations from diverse industry verticals such as the automobile, airline, healthcare, and others have compliance requirements which they need to meet. The traditional classroom-based approach to provide compliance training is very dull. Employees need to go through the same content every year, which results in a lack of participation and engagement. With an aim to mitigate the legal risks involved during work, delivery of online compliance training programs becomes an essential aspect.

Video-based learning

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There are several challenges faced by organizations when it comes to training their workforce on regulatory compliances. These include:

  • The same kind of content during compliance training is used, which is why older employees who have already taken this training find the sessions quite tedious and time-consuming.
  • The primary challenge is to train the globally dispersed workforce and maintain the pivotal value of respect for diversity.
  • Another challenge is to boost overall learner engagement and retention levels by providing instant feedback and guiding employees on how to act in real-life workplace situations.

Delivering Effective Compliance Training Using Themes, Scenarios, and More

Different modalities ine-cluding interactive scenarios, themes, videos, and others are incorporated with e-courses to ensure the delivery of the fun-filled experience. Discussed below are some of the ways that improve the overall effectiveness of compliance training:

  • Delivering video nuggets
    A 2-3 minutes duration short and interactive video helps learners to quickly understand the significance of business principles at the point of need. The video is created by blending attractive images, animated infographic, and illustration icons, thereby building the anticipation for the training course. Videos help to deliver compelling content which can be reinforced multiple times, which creates an immersive experience for all.
  • Using themes and scenarios
    E-courses are embedded with engaging videos and animations to cover relevant concepts adaptively. A theme-based approach is introduced with e-learning courses to keep employees abreast with the latest organizational policies and real-life scenarios. For instance, adopting a theme where the organization helps the new hire (learner) by assigning a buddy (an existing employee). Initially, the buddy helps the learner go through the code of conduct training followed by answering a set of questions. Based on the performance during the test, the learner gets a to-do list which presents the entire workday routine such as going for lunch, attending a meeting, and more. Each task educates learners about organizational policies and culture and how to apply them in different workplace situations. The pre-assessment test helps to define personalized learning paths and then accordingly assign relevant e-courses to individual learners.
  • Incorporating a character Using a character into e-courses for compliance training helps to make the content more interactive, thereby improving the overall levels of employee participation and knowledge retention. This character can act as a guide, a narrator, or even as a facilitator who provides relevant knowledge to the target audience, thereby providing an added value to the compliance training.

Compliance training proves to be impactful with the blend of different modalities- scenarios, themes, characters, videos and more. Consequently, it aids employees to remain engaged during the entire training and get certified at the end of the session.

  • It is not mandatory for employees to go through each learning module every time they undergo compliance training. Based on their performance during pre-assessment, personalized learning paths are defined as per their bespoke training needs.
  • Feedback is given in the form of scenarios, thereby helping employees on how to behave in a real-life situation at the workplace.
  • The delivery of bite-sized compliance training modules helps geographically spread workforce to access e-courses on their personalized mobile devices, thereby engaging more and retaining for long.

Compliance training is a necessity to mitigate the liability and legal risks involved in a business. By delivering engaging online compliance training programs, modern workforce leverages the opportunity to effectively acquire relevant knowledge and stay updated with the organization's policies and regulations without getting bored to tears!

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