Utilizing Robust Learning Management Systems to Train Dispersed Workforce in the Telecom Sector

Telecommunications is considered one of the significant sectors impacting the economy of the nation with increasing pressures to upgrade employee skills and develop a competitive advantage. Today, telecom companies need to ensure that wireless services run efficiently and the workforce is trained rightly. They have understood the significance of training and the acquisition of the skill sets required for optimal workplace performance. With an increasing need to impart training as per the pertinent needs of globally dispersed audiences, the scope of using modern Learning Management Systems (LMSs) has also increased.

In today's digital era, telecom companies believe that employees are the biggest assets and they should be trained effectively in varied areas such as sales, marketing, technology, account management and more. The focus behind training is to bridge the gap between the existing and required knowledge and skills at individual and organizational levels. The skills acquired by the modern workforce are crucial for an organization's performance and competitiveness. Few benefits of utilizing online learning platforms to impart training in this sector include:

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  • Reduced training costs- The traditional classroom approach involves huge investments in infrastructure, the cost to the trainer, travel costs, etc. In the telecom industry where employees are spread across different demographics, e-learning mitigates training costs by providing a self-paced learning experience on the web as well as personalized mobile devices.
  • Improved flexibility- As the strength of telecom employees lies in numbers, it is important to ensure that each individual has the right to choose their own time to access online courses. It leads to improved flexibility and the ability to cater to the customized training needs of intended audiences.
  • Better customer engagement- In the race to win customer loyalty, companies integrate robust tools and functionalities to impart an engaging e-learning experience for all.

In addition to the above e-learning benefits, several features supported by modern LMSs to effectively train the telecom workforce are outlined here:

  • Automated content delivery- Seamless integration of LMS with Human Resource Management System (HRMS) helps to push automatic notifications on available as well as upcoming training.
  • Mobile app support- The availability of training courses across your personalized mobile devices promotes online and offline access to enable learning on the go.
  • Effective management to train diverse employees- Online courses can be uploaded on the platform in different formats- PPT, PDF, EXCEL, Video and more. As a result, it helps to deliver the right kind of information at the right point of time, thereby improving overall employee engagement & knowledge retention.
  • Streaming video library- This feature is supported by modern e-learning platforms to deliver content as short video nuggets which are easier to consume and quick to retain.
  • Gamified e-learning- The incorporation of gaming elements such as badges and rewards with online courses, learners are motivated to participate, access more courses, compete and achieve within the entire competitive environment.

Today, the telecom sector plays a prime role in accelerating digital business for other industries as well. LMS used for corporate training helps to deliver a seamless learning experience through engaging games, interactive videos, mobile apps and more. From using simulations to provide technical training to upskilling call center employees, G-Cube LMS has so much to offer to the telecom industry. Not only this, our LMS delivers innovative e-learning solutions to the healthcare, aviation, automobile and various other sectors. For more details, please write us to [email protected].

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