Making Onboarding More Impactful With Modern E-Learning Approaches

In today's modern world where the workforce is driven by talent and expertise, it has become crucial for organizations to conduct a well-structured employee onboarding program for new employees. Enterprises prefer adopting effective e-learning approaches to deliver impactful programs that can induct new hires in a more engaging and effective way. As per the study, induction programs can accelerate employee performance by 11.5%, with 66% of employees who participate in this program being likely to retain for more than three years.


Increasing the Impact of Your Onboarding Program
Modern E-Learning Services

Learning is a long-time journey, while onboarding is the starting point of that journey. Over the past few years, there has been a huge shift towards responsive designs to enable delivery of induction programs over personalized mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Let us discuss some of the best e-learning strategies that ensure the delivery of an impactful employee onboarding experience:

1. Featuring video nuggets through microlearning approach

Several organizations prefer delivering bite-sized content, including images, videos, animations and other interactivities. Attractive images and engaging video nuggets make the learning easier and more captivating. For instance, an organization aligns new hires to the onboarding program on the first day of joining with the flexibility to undergo training on their own device. The courses are built with a responsive design which can be easily accessed on tablets and smartphones. Using short and crisp content, learning path can be customized as per the diversified training goals.

2. Introducing games to make the onboarding process more fun

The delivery of traditional onboarding sessions through lectures and videos is a bit tedious for modern employees. However, converting these elements into a competitive game with instant feedbacks can help to drive the attention of new hires. For instance, some organizations conduct a 2-3 days onboarding program which includes games, music and skits. Others include interactive video games to optimize employee engagement. Employees can choose from different game modules on company services, culture or corporate history, followed by a quiz to assess individual performances.

3. Reminding managers to set up onboarding program

A reminder alert to the hiring manager helps to reduce the new employee's time and become productive for the organization. For instance, this alert includes the following tasks that should be performed by the hiring manager:

  • Align the new hire with a peer.
  • Have a clear discussion on the roles and responsibilities.
  • Create onboarding check-ins at regular intervals for the first six months.

4. Using analytics to improve the overall learning uptake

In today's competitive world of hiring and retaining new employees, excellence is required before taking the right decision. Defining metrics is a critical factor for an onboarding process as the new hire experience is associated with employee collaboration and engagement at the workplace. For instance, organizations maintain an analytics dashboard to track different tasks to be completed by new joiners. Employee retention, progress, productivity and alignment with diverse business goals are the indicators of an effective onboarding experience.

The onboarding process is different for every enterprise as business goals, job skills and needs vary. Following the above-described e-learning practices, can help to improve your onboarding experience and create a more effective talent management strategy. Optimizing the onboarding process helps to retain the top talent and get the best out of new hires from their first day of joining to the end of their employment.

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