New Features in Adobe Captivate 8

New Features in Adobe Captivate 8

Rapid eLearning authoring tools are keeping up with the increasing popularity and need of impactful free online courses creation. Adobe Captivate has been a fore-runner in the list of the most popular tools for e-learning development and with its recently launched version is now more sought after than ever.

Here are some of the new features of Adobe Captivate 8 that empowers e-learning developers to create impactful online learning content in a jiffy!

  • Responsive Project Design: With the popularity of mobile phones and tablets, free online courses are delivered across multiple devices to suit the needs of the ever-mobile learners. This has put forth the need for e-learning design to be 'responsive' or aligned as per the specifications of the viewing device. Captivate 8 enhances responsive design for multi-device e-learning delivery – all without the need for learning programming skills! The user interface of Captivate allows developers to create online learning as per their requirement and then can re-arrange content based on the dimensions of the learner devices. The developers can control how content will be displayed on various screens and can reposition objects and view them in comparison to other elements on the screen.
  • Variety of e-learning assets: In addition to the added feature of responsive design, Captivate 8 also has a variety of responsive design templates that can be starting point for many developers. In addition there are many images and elements that can be utilized for inter activities such as drag-and-drop and so on. These assets make sure that majority of time and effort is spent on creating the actual course content.
  • Location-based learning: Also catering to the growing popularity of multi-device e-learning development, Captivate also provides the opportunity to make content 'location-aware'. By utilizing the GPS capabilities of mobile devices,   content can be tailored as per the location of the user. This can be cleverly used to create location-based activities or assessments that can then be delivered as per the position of the learner.
  • Redesigned user interface: The user interface is designed for easy and effective e-learning development. High DPI ensures that the display is viewed very well. The toolbar is revamped and the toggle option to show the timeline helps developers keep track of the custom e-learning development process.
  • Support for HTML5 animations: Animations built with HTML5 can now be directly imported to Adobe Captivate 8. Developers can place the animations directly on to a new project and resize as per requirement. Then all they need to do is choose HTML output and publish for instant custom e-learning delivery across multiple devices.

The new features of Captivate 8 have increased the appeal of the tool manifold and help its ever increasing popularity touch new heights.

New Features in Adobe Captivate 8


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