New Features in Articulate Storyline Version & Their Use


The reach of technology-aided learning is deep into the corporate world and the need of e-content is on the rise. With the advent of newer technologies and devices that are now utilized to deliver e-learning to learners across diverse industries, newer authoring tools are also developed – armed with the features to cater to the learning needs of the modern learner. Articulate Storyline is a development tool widely utilized to create interactive and engaging custom elearning content – quickly and effectively.

While the tool has been immensely successful right form its launch in 2012, the latest version makes life even easier for developers!

  • Storyline could publish content in Flash as well in HTML5. However, the HTML5 output needed to be fine-tuned keeping in mind that more and more developers are now creating content for multi-device delivery. In the newer version of the tool, the memory utilization and performance of the HTML5 output has been increased for easy integration of content in all devices.
  • HTML5 content build with the latest version of Storyline can now be accessible through all leading browsers including Safar- where the online learning content often failed to be accessed without a hitch.
  • Switching between Flash and HTML5 output is also made simpler and hassle free. For instance, the answer options of many in-built quizzes would change position on question slides when learners opted to view the content on multiple devices. With the new version of Storyline, the alignment remains unchanged – irrespective of the Flash or HTML5 output that is viewed by the learner.
  • All built-in interactions now render the same – irrespective of the chosen output- Flash or HTML5. The developer can insert images, characters or other objects and, with a few clicks, convert them to the interactivity of their choice – a drag-and-drop, a graphical multiple choice or more. All these effects now render the same for HTML5 output as well as Flash.
  • High-end inter activities can also be built with Articulate Storyline. With the ‘slide layers’ feature, it is possible to create multiple interactions within a single slide. Developers can overlay multiple objects in a slide in different layers and then choose to ‘on’ or ‘off’ a layer. The new version makes sure that there is no overlapping of layers when the learner re-visits the slide.
  • Tracking of the user's progress is also re-vamped in the newer version of Storyline. The progress can now be seamless conducted on LMSs – for both Flash and HTML5 output through number of slides visited. This feature works even when the learner exits the online learning courses and resumes later.

Through its newer features and capabilities, Articulate Storyline has increased its utility for learners and developers alike.



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