Popular LMSs and Their Advanced Features

Delivering an Effective E Learning Experience for New-age Workforce

Technological advancement has set a significant difference in the way organizations to deliver training to meet the ever-evolving needs of the modern workforce. The Learning Management System, also known as LMS, is a powerful tool which helps to boost workforce engagement, knowledge retention, and organizational performance. Today, when a majority of the workforce is shifting towards technology-aided solutions, all popular LMSs worldwide support learning anytime and anywhere.

Popular LMS

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Traditionally, LMSs served the essential purpose to impart formal learning. For instance, an LMS helped to assign training courses, track employee performance, and analyze their retention level. However, popular online LMSs such as Docebo, G-Cube LMS, Cornerstone, Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, and others support additional features including social collaboration, gamification, mobile learning, rapid authoring, assessment engine, and more. Several LMS vendors deploy LMS to deliver eLearning solutions across diverse industries and for the globally dispersed workforce.

Top 3 Variants of New-age LMS- Enterprise, Mobile App, and Extended

Enterprises, large or small, provide learning management system demo to showcase how an online learning platform can drive the development and performance of the modern workforce. While selecting amongst the most popular LMSs worldwide, you can consider top variants that cater to your pertinent needs:

  • Various industries, including automobile, aviation, retail, healthcare, and others, utilize online enterprise LMS to align with the training needs of targeted learners.
  • The mobile LMS supports features such as virtual classrooms, microlearning, social collaboration, game-based learning, and more. The accessibility of online courses across personalized mobile devices enables the workforce to learn at their own pace of time and convenience.
  • The extended version of modern LMS supports training for the external workforce, including dealers, partners, customers, sales representatives, franchisees, and others. The robust platform supports incredible features which fulfill the training needs of the geographically spread workforce.

Key Features of Modern LMS

Modern LMSs provide a gamut of features to deliver an impactful corporate training experience. These include:

  • Mobile support Be it a smartphone or tablet; learners can easily access ecourses anytime and anywhere. For instance, retail companies utilize mobile LMS to train their salesforce at the point of need, before a meeting, from home, or even on the go.
  • Gamified learning Different gaming elements such as badges, scores, avatars, and leaderboards embed with online courses, to encourage the learners to engage more, retain for long, and perform better at the workplace.
  • UI personalization The incorporation of personalized themes, logo customization, custom background images, and color schemes in the new-age user interface of modern LMS ensures a personalized training delivery for all.
  • Collaborative learning The LMS also supports social collaboration features to drive peer-to-peer engagement and knowledge curation. While the Admin can launch surveys, queries, and manage discussion forums, learners can share blogs, ask questions in forums, and actively participate in polls.
  • Compliance and Integration Learning management systems deliver training courses as per industry standards including Tin Can, SCORM, AICC, Section 508, GDPR, and more. Moreover, modern LMS also supports seamless integration with other existing systems such as Dealer Management Systems, HRMS, ERP, Integration with Payment Gateways, and more.
  • Automated tracking and reporting Robust online learning platforms hold the potential to monitor and measure the effectiveness of a corporate training program. The LMS enables managers to generate custom reports that highlight the performance metrics of individuals.

As modern learners' needs are on a continuously evolving, a corporate LMS for e learning is a necessity for all organizations. Few popular LMSs like G-Cube LMS and others enable organizations to blend learning and performance to drive optimal performance and training outcomes. G-Cube is reckoned amongst the top LMS vendors which provide technology-aided and company-specific solutions tailored to the needs of modern learners. To request for G-Cube LMS demo, click here.

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