A Business Use Case to Demonstrate ROI Benefits of Corporate LMS

The business climate today is capricious and modern organizations must keep up with the evolving trends and needs of Training, if they want to acquire an edge above the rest. Traditional organisations may be reluctant to adopt e-learning or a corporate LMS for online training because they are unsure of its impact and more importantly, the required ROI of training ROI. Modern organizations need an e-learning portal that allows them to create, deliver, and monitor the training initiatives. A corporate LMS thus needs to be chosen with all due diligence and ample research.

Benefits of Corporate LMS

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End of the day, LMS that make a better business case and provide the ROI of training will be the true winner. Here is a business case to demonstrate the value of a corporate LMS that organizations can look forward to:

E-Learning Portal for Automobile sector

The evolving training landscape of the automobile industry is associated with technological trends to drive lucrative results. A corporate LMS drives this need by creating a continuous channel of effective learning. For a reputed automobile company, we created a centralized e-learning portal for automated learning. The organization needed to train the geographically spread workforce and conducting training within a classroom environment was costly and time-consuming. The organization also wanted to deliver an unparalleled user experience to meet pertinent training goals and business objectives. The training endeavour had to deliver e-learning content which aligned to personalized learner attributes- job roles, skills, trends, and more.

We created a customized LMS for the automobile company, that had the same interface accessible from anywhere-without any need of separate login credentials. The LMS solutions imparted experience-driven learning solution as per the personalized needs of global workforce. The new-age platform created personalized learning paths in accordance to diverse job roles, KRAs, skills, trends, learning histories, and other attributes. The platform also collated learning content from internal Content Repository, external (YouTube, Wikipedia, etc.) and other custom sources. An integrated Suggestion Engine identified and assigned learning content as per the attributes- KRAs, skills, and learning habits. The LMS also delivered interactive and social learning experiences to ensure learners stay connected.

The business benefits of this solution were many. The perfect mapping of learning to varied learner attributes ensured faster access to pertinent content. This made sure that training remained relevant to the requirements of the leaner. The Learning also aligned to different KRAs, skills, learning habits, and preferences to deliver engaging learning and training. Content collation from multiple sources enabled quick access of e-learning content and a wide spread variety in terms of learning content. In addition, effective curation through automated tagging and indexing improved content search and filtering. The Suggestion Engine provided personalized e-learning courses based on their attributes (skills, job roles, KRAs, etc.) and learning histories or trends. Finally, bringing to fore the social learning benefit, conversation forums, announcements, and surveys (Multiple Choice, Descriptive, True/False, or Multiple Response) boosted engagement and collaboration among the learners.

The ROI of training was achieved by making sure that the training identified the Learners' needs, then filtered down their personalized requirement and finally delivered effective learning through collaboration and social learning features.

Not only was the learning uptake increased, but there was a perceptible improvement in achievement of sales targets within 6 months of LMS implementation. The benefits of LMS in the corporate learning scenario cannot be debated any more- the results are for all to see. For more business cases and practical benefits of Corporate LMS - write to [email protected].

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