Shifting Role of Learning Management Software as Learning and Performance Platforms

Bridging Skills-gaps, Improving Performance, and Overall ROIs

In today's fast-paced corporate world, enterprises need to keep their workforce align with latest technological trends. The modern Learning Management System (LMS) software gives the flexibility to choose the best e-learning solutions to meet modern corporate needs. The robust learning management software delivers an incredible user experience-anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. Consequently, the outcomes leave a significant impact on an organization's brand presence and overall reach.

Learning Management Software

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With an increasing need to deliver ROI-aligned solutions, the scope of using learning management system software is also improving. Modern LMSs provide performance-linked learning to cater to the personalized needs of all. The Learning and Performance Platform (LPP) supports a myriad of features which include:

  • KPI Modeler-
    It helps to collate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create performance metrics of learners. Based on the KPI data, the system identifies the gaps and accordingly assign relevant training courses to meet pertinent learning needs.
  • Rule Engine-
    The rule engine sets specific rules based on the KPI data. Based on individual scores, the LMS delivers personalized training content for intended learners. The LPP sets different rules and links them to custom learning actions such as assessments, quizzes, tests, notifications, and more.
  • KPI Dashboard-
    An extensive dashboard for administrators to use performance metrics to identify business objectives tailored to custom training needs. Corporate managers also analyze underperforming employees and guide them on how to work on their improvement areas and meet desired goals.
  • Analytics Engine-
    Modern LMS integrates with Performance Management Systems (PMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Warehouses, and other systems to fetch user data. The engine uses this data to analyze individual performance and overall effectiveness of corporate training.

The robust LPP aids managers to give immediate feedback, deliver personalized training, and enable learners to boost performance and attain competitive success. Several benefits of modern LPP include:

  • The corporate learning management software helps to drive the performance of corporate learners. Managers analyze employees' performance and give instant feedback. As a result, employees can quickly identify their skills-gaps and work on the weak areas to optimize overall performance.
  • The continuous evaluation of feedback, assessments, as well as KPI scores provided by trainers and managers, helps to determine individual learning progress.
  • Modern LPP drives overall levels of workforce engagement and knowledge retention. So, when employees perform better at the workplace, they feel encouraged to retain for long, thereby becoming a more competent and empowered workforce.
  • The LPP adopts KPI-linked approach to analyze the overall impact of learning on workforce performance, organizational success, and beyond.

Organizations across an array of different industries invest in learning management software to address challenges of engaging and retaining the new-age workforce. Training is essential to develop a proficient workforce and succeed in an emerging marketplace. An LMS helps organizations to provide relevant training, measure workforce performance, and give certifications based on different job roles. If you are looking for a robust training platform, then G-Cube LMS stands apart from the rest. The proprietary LMS supports a gamut of features including KPI-linked automated learning, assessment engine, skill-gap analysis, third-party integration, and others. Our focus is to impart performance-linked solutions, thereby driving performance, increasing ROIs, and meeting the learning needs of modern corporates.

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