Transforming E-Learning into Lucrative Business with an Extended Enterprise LMS

In today ever-evolving business landscape, organizations comprise of a network of customers, dealers, vendors, suppliers and distributors, who come together on a single platform to design and deliver products and services in the market. Having an effective learning management strategy that keeps the extended enterprise engaged towards improving your brand value is the top priority for industry leaders. Integration of Learning Management System (LMS) for extended workforce helps controlling training budgets, enhance awareness of products and exponentially increase market sales.

The next thing to consider is how learning can be delivered in an extended enterprise environment. The conventional training approach was adapted to aid employees with updated knowledge and skills. However, in today's modern extended enterprise learning environment, the formal architecture of a traditional LMS becomes a constraint to adoption. Different learners have diverse training needs, and they require a more robust learning platform to deliver content anytime and from anywhere.

LMS For Extended Workforce

Features of The Extended Enterprise: Take a Glance

It is crucial for organizations to evaluate learners' understanding about regulatory compliances. For dealers, it is important to stay updated on the latest products and services, while retailers' franchisees might need to follow the best practices and access tools that help them improve their business growth. Let us discuss few characteristics of extended enterprise LMS that is implemete:

  • Adaptive:- Learning should be hassle-free for everyone, irrespective of varied learning styles. Huge network of extended enterprises serves the tailored needs of all learners. Customized LMSs of today's modern age are designed to support adaptive learning styles, enabling learners to follow personalized learning curves, communicate with each other and take up courses quickly.
  • Mobile-friendly:- Mobile learning is effective when employees are working at off-site locations or travelling. The increasing use of mobile devices has enabled users to access information anytime and anywhere. This means that extended enterprise LMS should be mobile-friendly, encompassing rich and interactive e-courseware.
  • Game-based:- As you all know, gamification adds fun to your learning experience. A next generation LMS provides employees with an opportunity to earn points, rewards and badges to boost engagement and retention level.
  • Globalized:- To cater learning needs of all, LMSs include a multi-lingual interface, to deliver courses in a wide spectrum of languages across different time zones. Also, new age LMSs offer cloud-driven content which is supported and accessed even in remote areas across the globe.
  • Collaborative:- With digitization, learners no more follow a traditional approach of organizing events and conferences. They find more value in collaborating with industry experts and instructors. Modern LMS provides abundant opportunities for learners to connect with people over social media networks, share their experiences and reinforce learning.
  • Measurable:- Implementation of e-learning using extended LMS develops a strong network of suppliers, dealers and customers. A flexible online learning platform offers efficient reporting and analytics tools so that organizations can assess learners' performance, record feedback and tie extended enterprise with business objectives.

Learning for the Next-Generation

An efficient LMS for extended workforce caters the need of organizations seeking to get the most out of their global network of partners. The investment returns for enterprises who embrace this wider approach to digital learning speak for themselves. However, the vital key behind this learning tactics is understanding that partners are not employees. They do not follow the same hierarchy that is followed by other employees working in the organization. Also, they neither think about the compliance changes nor they want their performance to be assessed. What they wish is getting engaged in the learning process and take up courses time and again.

Enterprises understand the need to incorporate modern LMS that fits the learning needs of all. So, it is the right time to shift from management to engagement and transform knowledge into learning. The time has never been better or technology has never been readier to make the change.


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