Use YouTube Videos In E-Learning To Improve Employee Engagement & Retention

There is no denying in the fact that videos have a huge impact on workforce training and development process. Videos increase the learning uptake, boost knowledge transfer and add a dynamic element to the training courses. These can be watched multiple times as per learners' individual needs. This is the reason why YouTube serves as an ideal platform to run video-supported e-courses, along with an opportunity to create your own to achieve different business goals. Today, organizations use robust online Learning Management Systems (LMSs) which integrate platforms like YouTube with e-learning environment.

Why Choose YouTube to Deliver E-Courses?

Using YouTube in e-learning is the most efficient way to boost employee engagement and workplace efficiency. Video content accessed via YouTube is aligned as per the customized learning needs, leading to optimum training outcomes. A few reasons why modern learners choose YouTube in e-learning are discussed as follows:

YouTube Learning

1. Seamless integration

Embedding YouTube videos with online courses is an easy task, because of the availability of robust tools and LMS within alearning environment. Learners access videos via LMSs, without any direct links to the source. As learners follow customized learning paths, they can easily watch the video in an effective training environment.

2. Promote online discussions

After watching a YouTube video, learners can initiate online discussions with peers to add their individual insights about the course. They can share their experience on what they liked in the video, what was relevant, what they did not understand and more. Educators can ask learners to share further references to extend the discussion, as videos enhance learners' interest and interaction levels.

3. Videos are perfect for mobile devices

When video-enabled courses are uploaded on YouTube, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere throughout the network. Modern learners prefer learning on the go via personalized mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. No matter if the screen is small, YouTube can be used as an ideal platform to find online video resources, access recommended videos and notify learners to actively participate.

4. Promotes comprehensive learning

Few concepts are tedious to explain, so YouTube videos can be created to better illustrate the idea in a visually-appealing way. Organizations create videos to provide a demo for employees that explain actual workplace scenarios. Visuals, audios and animations help the workforce to engage and develop more skills.

5. Create customized videos

Learners are asked to create customized videos so that they can learn at their own pace, thereby improving their visual literacy and creativity. YouTube videos can be used to seek instant feedbacks from peers, which improves discussion and knowledge retention.

It has been proven many times that video can be as effective as an instructor in communicating relevant information to the learners. YouTube videos enable diversified audiences to digest content at their own pace and understand more in comparison to traditional classrooms. Truly, they hold the potential to transform a complicated subject matter into interactive content, thereby ensuring to deliver a completely engaging and immersive experience.

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