Using A Mobile-enabled, Gamified & Centralized LMS For The Retail Sector

When it comes to workforce training in the retail industry, companies face ample challenges including seasonal employees, huge turnover rates and geographically spread workforce. The retail companies in different segments such as general merchandise, drugs, convenience and more have one prime goal; to cater to the ever-evolving customer demands. So, they ensure to adopt an effective training approach to optimize workforce engagement and learning efficiency. For the past few years, innovation of highly digital technologies such as smartphones and tablets have carved their presence in the retail stores. Fortunately, modern Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are deployed to address these challenges and execute more effective and engaging workplace training programs.

Developing a Strong Business Case for Modern LMS

With modernization, the retail sector has to centralize the scope of training at the workplace, thereby making e-learning take the first place.

LMS for the Retail Sector

Retail industry has emerged as one of the dynamically improving sectors in the global marketplace. According to Forbes, the year 2017 was the year of digital discovery, while 2018 will be the year of innovation and integration, providing a better customer service experience.

Discussed below are some of the essential business cases of modern LMS for retail workforce training:

  • Onboarding
    A powerful online onboarding program helps to bring new hires up to speed in an unfamiliar work environment and align with their customized learning needs. Training the sales employees in the retail sector is an ongoing challenge, as growing number of customers lead to newer recruits coming in on a regular basis. So, most organizations are taking advantage of mobile app learning platforms to deliver effective courses across tablets and smartphones. We have created mobile-based induction programs for some of the leading companies. This helped to improve the availability and accessibility of training courses for the employees - who can now utilize their time learning, even when out of office.
  • Updated Product Knowledge
    G-Cube has imparted effective game-based e-learning solutions for the sales personnel of a leading direct selling company. When the sales employees can access e-courses in the form of games, they are well-informed about the products or services they sell with increased revenues. Today, retailers have to deal with a new range of products and services. Therefore, enterprise LMSs are utilized by the organizations to impart engaging gamified learning experience, giving employees the chance to familiarize with the latest product range and boost overall customer satisfaction.
  • Manage Huge Employee Turn-over
    High employee turn-over is one of the major challenges faced by the retail sector. The geographically spread workforce and increased employee hiring, results in a huge investment. Deploying a centralized LMS at the workplace can considerably reduce the costs of infrastructure, logistics and hiring an instructor. Also, updating employees on each product and service in accordance to their specific skill set with real-time notifications, help to boost retention levels at the premises. We have delivered custom-built centralized LMSs for some leading retail organizations to connect employees from different departments and deliver a personalized learning experience for all.
  • Compliance Training
    Compliance is one of the major challenges faced by the retail industry. So, we have successfully imparted safety & compliance trainings for retail employees as per the changing industry regulations. An efficient online learning platform helps to easily update online courses with HRMS and MIS, thereby ensuring a seamless content delivery. Using the next-gen LMS, retail companies ensure to effectively track the learning progress of each learner. As a result, it helps to analyze how many employees have completed training on safety, compliance and more. An LMS triggers notifications to the learners on training, retraining, assessments and reassessments; along with delivering recurring training sessions by setting expiration dates for certifications.

A powerful LMS helps the retail companies, store their business operational knowledge in a structured way. Training demands in the retail sector begin with employee onboarding, compliance issues, training for sales employees, managing customized training programs and more. G-Cube provides a one-stop solution by providing a customized LMS that caters to all these needs in a cost-effective and flexible manner. In addition, we have also set a benchmark in delivering personalized e-learning solutions to aviation, healthcare, finance, automobile and various other sectors. For more details, write to [email protected].

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