Utilizing Managed Learning Services To Deliver Effective Organizational Training

Managed Learning Services

With the increasing demand for continuous training for most organizations, Learning and Development leaders are now more open to utilize options outside the organization to ensure a continuous inflow of effective and relevant learning solutions. The challenge to gain better ROI from organizational training, within tight budgets and strict timelines has led to a rise in the popularity of managed learning services. A Managed training service provider is an external learning expert who creates and administers training on behalf of a client organisation. Organizations can utilize the training outsourcing services to ensure that they are able to provide pertinent training to their employees and help them gain their professional best.

Even organizations that have internal subject matter experts are sometimes unable to keep up with the needs of the industry and can benefit from utilizing the services of a managed learning service provider.

For instance, for a leading provider of online courses within the US market, we assisted on multiple levels to provide a solution to their growing challenges. The organization had over200 subject matter experts on manufacturing technology and engineering concepts to create e-learning courses on manufacturing and technology. They used a home grown Learning Content Authoring System to author e-learning content which offered limited capabilities. All of the e-learning courses built using the system were text heavy and lacked any tactile activities. As a result, their customers were getting dissatisfied and started demanding a richer interaction and a wholesome learning experience.

G-Cube's managed learning consultants understood the business challenges of the customer, and helped the organization by offering a phased solution which included – revamping the existing system first, and then offering design and creative services to revamp existing curriculum.

Firstly, G-Cube revamped their content authoring tool and enabled much more templates for placement of different kinds of content in the screens. This ensured that the screen has more variance to enable more creativity and interactivity in e-learning courses. Our team also converted several business critical engineering concepts from simple illustrations to highly experiential knowledge bites using 3D animation.

Once the authoring tool was rolled out, G-Cube also set up a small team of e-learning resources who worked dedicatedly on the client's projects. The team consisted of 3D Animation Designers, Graphics Designers, Flash Animators, and Part-time Project Manager.

However, this is not an easy task to begin with. The biggest challenge was the process migration where SMEs had to be trained on the process of delivering accurate storyboards to the graphics designers. However, after a few interactions with the team, the SME's understood the requirements and delivered storyboards that required minimum re-work.

Employing Managed learning services has many benefits and the flexibility in choosing what is required provides the client learning solutions tailored to their needs.


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