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In today's fast-paced world, mobile technology is continuously evolving for all popular lms utilized by the corporate sector. In every industry, from automobile and retail to aviation, healthcare, and others, it becomes imperative to impart lms elearning solutions. This ensures increased learner engagement, knowledge competency, and business sales. When it comes to training sales professionals in the retail sector, the role of just-in-time learning becomes crucial. Modern salesforce leverage the best use of personalized mobile devices to seek training on the latest product catalog, sales enablement, soft skills, and more.

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LMS eLearning for Industry Learning needs: A retail sector insight

As per the research by Strategy Analytics Report, the global mobile workforce is expected to rise from 1.45 billion in 2016 to 1.87 billion in 2022, accounting for approximately 42.5% of the total workforce. So, this leads to the increasing use of mobile devices to access relevant online courses at the point of need. Some of the top LMS vendors, including Adobe, Cornerstone, SumTotal, G-Cube, Oracle, and others develop custom mobile apps to provide training-anytime and anywhere. Several features to ensure an engaging e learning experience from modern LMS are discussed as follows:

  • Companies in the retail sector need to deliver training for their sales personnel spread across different demographic locations. The robust mobile LMSs are available as augmented reality (AR) apps help to market the company's products and services on a global scale. Employees also receive timely notifications on their mobile devices, keeping them abreast with product updates, from home, before a meeting, and even on the go.
  • Mobile learning also supports the QR (Quick Response) code application. So, while meeting a customer, sales employees can scan any product's QR code on their mobile device and pull information about product ingredients, benefits, and features, before selling to their customers.
  • Mobile LMS for e learning helps the digital workforce to stay abreast with updated training content, even when offline. Sales employees can download the mobile app, save relevant training courses, and then access them at their own pace of time and convenience.

Today, elearning is a viable training approach for the retail industry, more specifically for driving sales and customer experiences. For instance, if employees want to enhance their soft skills, then textual content is blended with interactive audios and graphics. Or if someone wants to undergo training on customer handling, then short video nuggets or scenarios are embedded with training to showcase different use cases of customer handling. L&D departments are leveraging the benefits of mobile LMSs by encouraging the modern workforce to leverage ample opportunities that mobile learning offers.

As per the Enterprise Learning Annual Report by CGS 2017, around 54% of the respondents are planning their investments in mobile learning in the year 2017 and beyond. G-Cube, a leading elearning services provider, holds a niche in building online courses for sales support and performance enhancement. Undoubtedly, the AR technology redefines the current ways of doing things- from buying new products to training the sales personnel. Therefore, we strive to develop AR-based mobile apps to address issues with retail services, especially in the context of training. You can write us at [email protected] for a learning management demo or request for a free G-Cube LMS demo here.

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