Emerging Scope of Video Strategy for Blended Learning: A Game Changer for Modern Corporates

Today, L&D teams consider blended learning approach as a successful training strategy for the corporate sector. Videos are regarded as an effective modality to enable employees to learn at their own pace within an enterprise. The trend of training and development for modern corporates is continuously evolving. With the brain processing visuals 60,000 times faster than the text, video-based learning becomes a viable choice. Organizations deliver e learning videos within a classroom environment to communicate and educate learners more efficiently.

Blended Learning

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Online videos perfectly align with training goals- sales, compliance, onboarding, and more to cater to personalized needs. The instructor-led video-based approach resonates with targeted audiences, thereby encouraging custom learning. Video-based learning is a powerful strategy to interact corporate workforce and leave long-lasting effect on their minds. These hold significance for corporate learning scenarios as employees can readily retain and apply what they learn in real-life workplace situations.

There are several benefits of using eLearning videos for classroom training sessions. These include:

  • Self-paced approach
    Industries from automobile and retail to healthcare, aviation, and others create engaging video-based e learning modules for classroom training sessions. Consequently, self-paced video communications boost workforce engagement, knowledge competency, and overall retention levels. The self-paced learning approach gives employees the ability to seek knowledge at their fingertips, whenever needed.
  • Cost-effective
    Several companies adopt classroom-based training approach to meet training goals such as sales enablement, product training, onboarding, and more. However, this approach can be expensive as it involves high infrastructural costs based on the number of participants and length of the sessions. For instance, sales meetings at remote locations can be costly in terms of travel, lodging, and food. Organizations adopt blended learning approach by incorporating eLearning videos with training courses. In this approach, sales employees can record the training content which can be used time and again. Then, companies can use the same videos online as well, thereby improving engagement, collaboration, and knowledge transfer.
  • Content curation
    Using a blended video learning platform enables employees to curate the content as per their personalized needs. Learners can watch the videos within a classroom and acquire relevant knowledge to bridge skills-gaps. Content curation also helps corporate managers to provide instant feedback to the learners anytime during the face-to-face session. Employees can also access online videos through social media sites. They can post comments and queries to share new ideas, seek expert advice, and collaborate with their peers. Consequently, curation provides a personalized learning experience for all, thereby improving workforce collaboration, retention, performance, and overall impact.

With the ability to meet pertinent learning needs, styles, and preferences, video strategy holds the potential to engage the new-age learner. Videos are more interactive and visually-appealing to aid learners successfully apply what they have learned. A video-based blended learning platform supports successful corporate training delivery. As organizations understand the considerable impact of videos in enterprise learning, they are incorporating videos to train and engage effectively. If you are looking for a robust training platform which supports video learning feature, then G-Cube LMS can be an ideal choice. To know more about G-Cube's products and services, write to us to [email protected].

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