Driving Sales Enablement & Workplace Performance Using Extended Enterprise LMS for the Automobile Sector

The ever-changing market conditions, increasing competition and volatility are resulting in huge shifts in market landscape. Technological changes occur at a very fast pace, irreversibly transforming how business operates. With autonomous vehicle range, changing customer expectations and increasing workforce training needs; the automobile sector is at the cusp of a revolution. With employees spread across different demographics, there is an increasing need to train the extensive dealer network. There is a significant connection between dealer training and delivery of engaging customer experiences. These help to boost workplace efficiency, employee retention and future sales. In today's highly competitive market, the scope of using robust Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to provide effective training courses has also improved.

There are several automobile companies which face the issue of effectively training their extended workforce, owing to the ever-changing customer demands. Few challenges faced by the automotive industry are outlined here:

e-learning platform for Automobile sector

  • An emerging need to train a wide network of dealer employees spread across multiple locations.
  • The need to use a robust LMS to provide different training courses across personalized mobile devices.
  • With a huge dependency on in-house training experts with three or four people, training the contingent workforce becomes a daunting task.
  • The traditional classroom-based approach is time-consuming as well as expensive.
  • The need to mitigate manual intervention of spreadsheets, report pulling and more.

As dealer employees work from different locations, it is essential to deploy an efficient e-learning platform which is mobile-supported and caters to the pertinent learning needs of all. A highly flexible and customized LMS helps to address these challenges by supporting a myriad of features:

  • Online courses can be easily accessed via an online learning platform on personalized mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • The Localization feature helps to deliver e-courses in multiple languages, thereby improving the overall learner engagement and knowledge retention with a better understanding of the content.
  • Navigation buttons are added to enable users, easily access the modules of their choice.
  • This platform also acts as a repository of workforce competencies by including the dealer workforce network.
  • E-courses uploaded on the LMS are aligned to different employees as per their different job roles. This leads to customized content delivery, thereby allowing the learners, make an optimum use of knowledge and apply it to real-life situations.
  • The LMS also helps managers and trainers to assign, track and finish the training quotient, ensuring that customers get a highly appropriate product description.

Apart from these features, LMS for the extended enterprise can also be integrated with Dealer Management Software (DMS) to begin training instantly- without any additional implementation of glitches. Relevant data can be utilized from the DMS- sales employees can trigger the LMS to deliver relevant content. As a result, it can help the dealer network, learn more and perform better. In addition to using an LMS, continuous learning is also supported with the help of offline and online assessments. Different kinds of e-courses are created for dealer employees to boost their overall learning efficiency and workplace productivity. G-Cube has collaborated with numerous clients from the automotive sector to provide a robust e-learning platform for their extended personnel. We also hold a strong niche in delivering customized LMS solutions to cater to the diversified training needs of internal as well as the external workforce in the Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare and other sectors.


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