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Case Study  Automobile Industry
About Case Study

A reputed automobile company continually strives to enhance the performance of its new-age workforce. The digital transformation indicates that the future of the automobile sector is associated with technological advancements, identifying current market needs, and driving lucrative outcomes.

Client Requirement

  • The client wanted to train their extended workforce spread across different demographics.
  • There was a need to deliver relevant product-based knowledge and the know-how to boost overall business sales.
  • The client also wanted to deliver e-learning solutions which boost the overall knowledge competency and performance of sales employees.


  • The vast employee base of the organization made the classroom-based instruction very costly.
  • The client wanted to provide relevant training content pertinent to the learning requirements of the extended workforce, especially sales professionals who are mostly on the go.
  • The client also wanted to deliver training which aids learners to seek appropriate knowledge, bridge skills gaps and apply what they learn in real-life situations.


  • G-Cube Learning and Performance Platform (LPP) was utilized to provide salesforce training on soft skills, sales enablement, time management, and more.
  • The robust training platform created Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyze the overall performance of sales professionals.
  • Based on the KPI data, the salesforce was categorized as Aspirers (scoring 15 to 50 percentile) and Performers (less than 15 percentile).
  • The G-Cube LPP automatically assigned basic product and soft skills training based on the KPI scores earned by Aspirers.
  • For Performers, the robust platform analyzed deficits in specific products and then assigned relevant e-courses to boost product selling skills, organize one-on-one counseling sessions with mentors, and more.
  • G-Cube LPP also organized successful Employee Promotion/Upliftment programs by providing online assessments and refreshers periodically.


  • Effective training delivery on sales enablement, soft skills, product knowledge, and more improved the overall levels of workforce engagement and performance.
  • Product training also provided a dual function of imparting relevant knowledge as well as sharing pertinent information with potential customers.
  • KPI-based learning helped to measure the performance of individuals and analyze long-term business objectives.
  • G-Cube LPP categorized the workforce as Aspirers and Performers to ensure that the right kind of training content is aligned to the intended learners.
  • Assessments and digital refreshers helped the salesforce to take a quick review of the content at the point of need, thereby reinforcing the overall learning experience.
  • One-to-one counseling sessions at the supervisor level encouraged the learners to improve their skills and perform better at the workplace.


  • "Extremely dedicated professional who worked with utmost sincerity to help us understand this new platform of Learning Management System. Your unending patience to solve our short term problems and to achieve long term goals, was what we were looking for."

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  • "I would like to thank you and your team for the efforts you have put in over the last few months. You and your team have put together great dedication in getting the system up and running at the time of crisis, and I am looking forward to a similar kind of a support in the future as well. Truly Appreciate the dedication and commitment of the team. Keep it up!! "

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  • "Very happy to share that our mGurukul was featured as one of the great Initiatives & was acknowledged by our CEOs in SBI. This acknowledgement is for all the team members who contributed to create mGurukul & made successful deployment a reality with 95% uptake. Thanks for making this happen. Great show"

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  • "The LMS provided by G-Cube is implemented for use of approx. 30000 users of the organization. The services provided are satisfactory. The Learning Management Solution provided has functionalities like E-Learning management, Classroom Training management, Assessment Engine, Skills and competency and Mobile App."

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