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Avana case study

Welcoming Chinese Visitors

Web responsive courses with efficient mobile delivery

Avana case study
Overview and Business Requirement

AVANA Group is a leading organization that develops innovative learning solutions that help organizations reach their goal and individuals achieve their full potential. Keeping in mind their expertise in the area of training and learning, the Department of Energy, Resources and Tourism has commissioned them the ‘Welcoming Chinese Visitors’ program that aims to educate tourism operators across the country and equip them to cater to inbound Chinese tourists. AVANA realized that the program needed to be technology-enabled, keeping in mind the audience profile and the need for just-in-time delivery. They approached G-Cube to develop a solution that would present the audience with a unique learning experience and help them excel in their area of work.

The program aimed to enhance the capacity of the tourism industry to understand and service the Chinese traveler better. By increasing their capabilities, they would truly become ‘China Ready’ and successfully become a true asset to their country. While AVANA provided content, G-Cube provided the technology expertise to build the program in a way that would suit the tourism sector best. We understood that the audience would be frequently away from their desks and will need to access the courses through different devices, as per their convenience at that time. To increase accessibility and deliver just-in-time learning, we developed the web-based courses to ensure that they are compatible with all major devices – desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The courses can be accessed on all desktops and laptops that have Windows 7 and later operating systems and for all Android (4.0.4) devices. The courses are web-based and the minimum browser compatibility is IE9. However, the highlight of the program is the uniform user-experience it provides with the help of the latest in technology. The courses are developed with Responsive Web Design (RWD) – making every course Web Responsive. This ensures that course automatically resizes itself and adjusts to the capabilities of the viewing device. This unique feature successfully delivers uniform user experience and, hence, ensures fruitful learning.

Salient features of the Solution

  • The ‘Welcoming Chinese Visitors’ program is developed using HTML 5 and has an intuitive and user-friendly RWD. The courses are made available on all popular user-devices. The RWD creates an optimal viewing experience along with easy reading and navigation. It also ensures minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling – so that content is not only available on multiple devices but is altered to suit the screen size and other device capabilities like available bandwidth, screen resolution and so on. There is no need to create or maintain multiple versions of the same courses. The learning experience is strong and effective on any device that the user chooses – be it desktop monitors, or mobile devices
  • The courses are also SCORM and Tin Can API compliant, providing pertinent user data at all times – irrespective of the device choice of the user. This ensures a closer look into learners’ progress. It also enables custom reporting and analysis – all at the click of a button.
  • We also took into consideration that in order to reach out to the learner effectively, the courses had to be interactive and visually appealing to the learner. All this needed to be accomplished within strict timelines. We utilized HTML templates while developing the courses that would render well on multiple devices. This ensured that the courses had a visually appealing and standardized look. It also gave us the opportunity to direct more efforts towards developing other elements within the courses in order to create a greater appeal for the learner.
  • The courses are built with easy navigation and ease-of-use as high priorities. On-screen text is kept minimum and advanced functionalities are built in to highlight images and graphics. In addition, the web-responsive device also supports this design by maintaining uniformity of viewing and reading experience.
  • The course is also built with a horizontal gallery structure that befits all devices – especially smaller screen sizes. This provides a better viewing experience for the user and he can better navigate through the course – choosing to go ahead or go back as per the requirement.
  • For further viewing ease, ‘flip cards’ are developed within the course. The viewer is not taken to a different page for smaller descriptions but can just click on relevant images and read short descriptions on the cards. These cards successfully decrease on-screen text and make the user experince hassle-free.
  • Videos are a prominent feature within the program. Taking into consideration that the video element renders well on the mobile platform, we included a number of video snippets to make the courses interesting. As per the users’ choice, videos can be viewed within the window as well as on the full screen. The size and resolution remains uniform across all devices.
  • Audio also plays an important role in the course and makes it fit for a strong mobile delivery. Even when reading is not an option, the learner has the choice to listen to the course and learn. The learner, however, has the choice to turn off the audio, as per his ease.
  • The courses use various strategies for learner reinforcement and practice. These include multiple true and false, multiple choice, and so on. These assessments can be accessed through multiple devices, giving the user the choice to learn and assess whenever he perceives the need. The scores and progress are automatically synched and the learner can pick up from where he left.

Business Benefits

  • Through the option of mobile delivery, the program achieves this business objective by reaching Australian tourism operators located across the wide spread of the country – even in the remotest of locations.
  • We also made sure that a variety of mobile devices are made compatible for delivery of content – including smartphones as well as tablets. This opens more options for accessibility and helps increase its reach even more.
  • With RWD, the delivery of the content is uniform across all devices. This ensures that the impact of learning is also uniform, irrespective of the user device. It also adds value to the program, as learners across the country can learn from the same course and enjoy the same experience. This ensures that the knowledge spread is uniform and so is its expected application.
  • Businesses that have completed the program have found that the information is easily implemented and integrated into their existing business models.
  • The benefits of the implementation are already being witnessed through an increased inflow of Chinese tourists coming to their establishments.
  • Another benefit is clearly reflected in the increase of positive feedback from Chinese tourists after they have experienced the business.
  • With continued flow of ready information, the tourism industry as a whole will steadily get better equipped to cater to Chinese tourists.



  • "Awesome job done by the team!!! It was a great job done by the team on the alpha versions till now. Looking forward to the similar support in other modules that are yet to be sent."
    Karen Arethina | Assistant Manager HR at Cavinkare

    Cavin Kare

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am crying right now. Tears of joy! Sections 1-6 look amazing. You did a stellar job and there are only TWO OIL items! One requires an Xpaner to address first before you can proceed. The other is for GCube: Thank you so much! Fantastic work!!!"
    Rene Smid | Account Manager, Xpan


  • "The intermediate result is very good and it looks like a good support to learn risk assessment and management. You can encourage the team developing the course, it is yet quite impressive."
    Karthikeswaran Velayudam | Program Manager - Learning Solutions, Schneider Electric.


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