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Effective Delivery of Compliance Training for Pharma Professionals

Periodic compliance audits, certificates, and pre-visit refreshers

Case Study - Pharma Industry
About Case Study

One of the leading pharmaceutical companies is continually striving to market new products on a global scale. With the changing needs of customers, the use of the latest products and delivery of effective e-learning solutions is the need of the hour.

Client Requirement

  • The need to utilize a flexible training platform to train pharma representatives on new medicines and products in the market.
  • The client wanted to manufacture and deliver drugs that meet specific industry compliances.
  • The client also wanted to train professionals on new products and marketing strategies.


  • The need to deliver effective e-learning programs to cater to the personalized training needs of the geographically spread workforce.
  • There was a need to meet the regulatory standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies.
  • The need to adopt effective strategies to ensure that pharma representatives communicate more effectively and timely with the doctors.
  • The need to integrate training platforms with existing systems to align the right kind of training course to the right learner.


  • G-Cube LPP provided highly effective compliance courses to aid workforce to abide by the rules, policies, and standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The modern training platform triggered compliance audits and certifications on periodic basis.
  • Automatic updating of dates in the system notified learners about upcoming compliance training programs, audit visits, and more.
  • Pre-visit refreshers and guides were provided to the pharma professionals before any audit visits.
  • No matter where the employees are located, the robust training platform supported the effective delivery of compliance and soft skills training sessions for all.
  • G-Cube LPP also supported automated reporting and tracking feature to help organizations meet the USFDA and FDA compliance requirements.


  • G-Cube LPP helped to train the pharma professionals on ever-evolving industry compliances and stay competitive.
  • Automated generation of compliance reports which resulted in the more competent workforce, better knowledge retention, and workplace efficiency.
  • The ability to push the right learning material to the right learner with the successful integration of G-Cube LPP and HRMS.
  • Automatically trigger a training alert or notification to learners who need to undergo training on the revised courses.
  • Assessments and certifications motivated the learners to undergo training at regular intervals, thereby improving their overall levels of engagement, knowledge retention, and workplace performance.
  • Pre-visit refreshers and training guides aided the workforce to revise the relevant content and prepare well for audits quickly.


  • "Extremely dedicated professional who worked with utmost sincerity to help us understand this new platform of Learning Management System. Your unending patience to solve our short term problems and to achieve long term goals, was what we were looking for."

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  • "I would like to thank you and your team for the efforts you have put in over the last few months. You and your team have put together great dedication in getting the system up and running at the time of crisis, and I am looking forward to a similar kind of a support in the future as well. Truly Appreciate the dedication and commitment of the team. Keep it up!! "

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  • "Very happy to share that our mGurukul was featured as one of the great Initiatives & was acknowledged by our CEOs in SBI. This acknowledgement is for all the team members who contributed to create mGurukul & made successful deployment a reality with 95% uptake. Thanks for making this happen. Great show"

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  • "The LMS provided by G-Cube is implemented for use of approx. 30000 users of the organization. The services provided are satisfactory. The Learning Management Solution provided has functionalities like E-Learning management, Classroom Training management, Assessment Engine, Skills and competency and Mobile App."

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