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Volvo Eicher Case Study

Technology aided sales training

Training the vast spread Dealer network

Volvo Eicher case study 2
About the client

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. In operation since July 2008, it is a leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles in India. The company is a significant player in the automobiles industry and provides the complete range of branded trucks and buses, components and engineering design services businesses, the sales and distribution business of Volvo Trucks as well as aftermarket support to Volvo Buses in India.

Business requirement

  • The majority of commercial vehicles are sold through an extensive network of 270+ dealers all over the country. It is a constant challenge to make sure that the large workforce among the VECV dealers have the pertinent knowledge as well as skills to make successful sales and achieve targets.
  • Traditionally, the dealers were trained to gain competency through classroom trainings. But this approach had a number of drawbacks.
  • The trainings could be arranged sporadically – once in every 6 months or so. This led to large gap in the skill as well as knowledge competency.
  • Due to continued lack of training, a lot of new recruits remained untrained for a long time, which affected their output.
  • The trainings did not have a uniform efficacy as external trainers were assigned to do the job.
  • The measure of training efficacy was also not up to the mark as it was possible to measure only the percentage of manpower trained.
  • The learning content was not updated and this often reduced the relevance of training.
  • All this resulted in a high attrition rate and low morale among the dealers.
  • Finally, VECV did not have a measure of the total trained manpower available at the dealers, which adversely affected sales and other targets.

Solution implemented
To meet these challenges and to develop a new training initiative, G-Cube partnered with VECV to create a technology-aided platform to support the new training initiative. G-Cube customized its new age G-Cube LMS to create a learning portal that delivers training seamlessly across the vast spread of the dealer network and, eventually, empowers them to drive their own learning.

  • The LMS creates a job role for each individual to gauge the competence level of learners. Accordingly, a learning plan is created as per the profile of the learner with suitable courses assigned for online learning as well as classroom sessions. The online learning courses include modules on technical knowledge, soft skills, consultative skills as well as need based courses on new products or other industry specific content.
  • The cycle of continuous learning is suitably strengthened by periodic assessments - both online as well as offline.
  • Certificates are issued for chosen courses. This provides a sense of achievement for the learners.
  • The portal also manages national events like Skill Contests. This provides a suitable push for learning and encourages learners to aspire for better scores and come up as Skill Contest winners.
  • The LMS is able to track a variety of data and create logical as well as relevant reports that provide a lot of pertinent information on the effectiveness of the training initiative. The reports can be churned out as per the requirement of the administrator – the criteria of department, region, area, job title, dealers and so on.
  • The portal is equipped to send automatic test messages to the users’ phone when the User is successfully registered on the system. A text message is also sent every time that a classroom session has been confirmed for the learner. This helps the learners keep track of the learning events better.
  • Classroom assignments as well as other offline assignments can be uploaded on the portal to create a cumulative picture of a learners’ progress and true competence.

Business benefits
The portal has been immensely successful in aligning with the learners’ need and the learning objectives set out by the organization.

  • With multi-device delivery, learning is now available across multiple devices, providing more opportunities to learn. Also, since the learners are now more adept at working with mobile devices, the multi-device access was aligned as per their preferences. This helped learning initiative gain instant appeal for the learner group.
  • A variety of relevant courses were added onto the portal and the courses were assigned as per the job role of the learner in the organization. This provided customized learning that aligned to individual needs. The learners were able to make better use of the knowledge and were able to apply it to well to their work.
  • Customized Reports provided accountability for the training initiatives and stakeholders could ascertain the progress of learners at all times. Findings from certain reports are displayed on the learners or admin interface for better utilization.
  • The learning initiative was not only successful in creating an easily accessible platform of learning, it also increased the overall satisfaction of the dealer employees. They were more connected to the organization and had access to the latest learning content. They were able to apprise themselves on newer products as well as schemes for their prospective clients.



  • "Awesome job done by the team!!! It was a great job done by the team on the alpha versions till now. Looking forward to the similar support in other modules that are yet to be sent."
    Karen Arethina | Assistant Manager HR at Cavinkare

    Cavin Kare

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am crying right now. Tears of joy! Sections 1-6 look amazing. You did a stellar job and there are only TWO OIL items! One requires an Xpaner to address first before you can proceed. The other is for GCube: Thank you so much! Fantastic work!!!"
    Rene Smid | Account Manager, Xpan


  • "The intermediate result is very good and it looks like a good support to learn risk assessment and management. You can encourage the team developing the course, it is yet quite impressive."
    Karthikeswaran Velayudam | Program Manager - Learning Solutions, Schneider Electric.


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