From Training Diverse Audiences to Boosting Organizational Growth

Everything You Need to Know About Modern LMS for the Extended Enterprise

Technology-aided learning can be utilized for Extended Enterprise Learning, providing training to learners outside the organization. The training could be targeted at dealers, channel distribution partners, suppliers, resellers, franchisees, and even end-customers. Modern organizations leverage opportunities to train their extended enterprise in an effective way. Using an extended LMS, they aim to engage, motivate and retain learners, thereby combining the business and training outcomes into one measurable program.

    What's inside the Whitepaper?

  • Introduction
  • Deploying Extended LMS: Managing Different Audiences & Improving Business Growth
  • Gaining a Competitive Edge via Extended LMS: The Need is Evident
  • Business Cases for Extended LMS in Different Industry Verticals
  • Automobile Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • BFSI Industry
  • The Final Word: Increasing the Business Pace with Extended LMS
White Paper - Extended Workforce LMS

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