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Impactful trainings and learning solutions are imperative for growth of the financial organizations.


Banking organizations are utilizing the mobile platform to provide just-in-time product information to make successful sales calls.

The BFSI Industry has been a forerunner in adopting the newer ways of imparting training. Technology aided learning solutions being the favorite cater to the ever increasing and ever changing training needs of this sector. The professionals have now recognized the need of handheld devices to have access to just-in-time delivery of information and the need to use customer interactive presentations instead of loading them with unnecessary load of pamphlets and other literature.


BFSI Training Departments are facing with huge challenges with a large number of products going to market as they have to train thousands of employees on the street about product features, USPs, and customer FAQS.

  • learning management system for BFSI

    Training huge workforce selling complex financial products is a challenge.


    The products need approval from legal entities, which result into unusual delays. Thus trainings need to be created at a very fast speed, faster than the competition.


    Financial products generally turn irrelevant in some time, so cost of training on each product needs to be controlled.

    Insurance Services

    Limited availability of qualified resources leads to dependency on outsourced resources. So constant training is required.


G-Cube has all types of solutions for BFSI organizations.

Product Trainings

Trainings about Financial Products & Packages with features, advantages and benefits.

Branch Operations

Role based training programs for operating a Profit Center of a bank or other kind of financial institution.

IT Portals Trainings

Training on various kinds of custom application software tools used in Banks, Financial Organizations and Insurance Companies.

KYC /Form Filling Trainings

These programs can train your staff to fill various customer forms and documents to comply with Know Your Customer Guidelines.

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Basics of Banks & Finance

These are generic course related to banking, finance and insurance. It's customized to needs of specific organization.

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Banking Rules & Regulations

These courses help employees to understand banking rules and regulations, whether mandated by government or for internal administration.

  • "BIG thank you for completing our eLearning content development in most professional way. After our launch, 700+ sales staff had gone through learning modules and knowledge test. The content was highly appreciated including the sound and pictures used in it. Among the high rated features were the content flow and the overall structure. Good job done by GC team!"


  • "I would like to thank you and the team for the incredible job you all have done. Despite tight timelines and frequent changes, you have delivered high quality work. Level of commitment shown by you and the team is highly appreciable. Keep up the good work."


  • "Thatís excellent! The best training, we have ever seen. You have nailed it down, amazing! Classy! you have found the right balance between fun and corporate style. Such a talented team, Congratulations!"


  • "G-Cube helped us to launch in time. G-Cube also adhered to defined Standards, Guidelines and Branding required by the project and the level and depth of information is adequate for the target audience."
    Standard Chartered Bank

    Standard Chartered Bank

  • "The Team was empathetic towards customer issues and initiated and executed creative ideas and great implementation of Graphics User Interface, Animations and Layout."
    J & J Group


  • "It was a pleasure to work with team G-Cube. We maintained a good schedule due to your hard work and flexibility, and everyone was very professional and knowledgeable."


  • "It has been a long journey with MSIL and G-Cube LMS.
    The best in class quality delivery has been possible only due to the teamís commitment and implementing the best practices with us. We truly appreciate his contributions to the project and the team. We look forward to your continued support. "
    Maruti Suzuki India Private Ltd.

    Maruti Suzuki India Private Ltd.

  • "Heartiest congratulation on achieving this feat! 4 prestigious awards in a row is simply awesome achievement. Kudos to Team G-Cube for their hard work, dedication and innovation put in to develop our courses.
    We will initiate new modules development soon. And Ė we are sure, these modules will create new benchmark in eLearning industry."
    Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

    Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

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