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Give Your Corporate LMS the Power of Business Impact with the Learning Performance Platform

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Corporate learning has one goal and one goal only! Increase business efficiency. This business efficiency can be derived from production, sales, processes, compliance, organizational culture, purpose, etc. But the medium is the same – high performing knowledgeable and skilled teams.


These teams are built through the process of continuous learning, coaching, and mentoring. According to leaders across industries, providing learning opportunities for your employees is the most important thing you can do to ensure growth for your employees and in turn, the organization as a whole. The skills required in today’s world are vastly different from what it was even 10 years ago, and learning is the only competitive edge any business has. Making learning relevant therefore should be an immediate concern for all leaders.


Powering Your Corporate LMS with Learning Performance Platform


Learning drives business impact when it is relevant. But with the amount of information that is available today, it is a task to ensure the relevancy of the information that is being consumed. The Learning Experience Platform, LXP started on this journey 10 years back to make learning relevant. It created an employee-centric approach to make learning relevant to the employees. However, it was not directly related to the employee’s performance thus not creating a link between performance and learning. Yet it is a crucial part of the process of learning and in corporate learning ‘relevancy of knowledge’ is determined by –

  • Why does the learner need to gain new knowledge?
  • What is the context of the learning provided?
  • When is the learning being prompted?
  • How will the learner apply the knowledge they gained?


The Learning Performance Platforms (LPP) is an AI-enabled system that adds relevancy to your employee’s learning and does that automatically which gives your corporate LMS the power of direct business impact. Let’s understand how the LPP answers all the above questions.


Why does the learner need to gain new knowledge?


The knowledge gap of an employee can be understood from their performance. If someone is not able to meet a certain performance number despite spending enough time, it can only mean that they are not equipped with adequate knowledge. The Learning performance platform analyses the need for learning for every individual on the team by reading their performance data and identifying the gaps.


What is the context of the learning provided?


The Corporate LMS platform is integrated into the organization’s business systems from where it captures the data that indicates the company’s business efficiency. It automatically understands how learning can be used as an intervention to drive higher efficiency through better individual performance.


When is the learning being prompted?


The corporate LMS prompts actions instantaneously as the process of training needs identification is automated, while it would take days for a trainer to properly identify the gaps for each of the individuals. This helps the learner understand the context in which they have been assigned the learning and apply it in a real-life situation faster.


How will the learner apply the knowledge they gained?


As the LPP triggers contextual learning to the employees on your corporate LMS, it helps the employee develop their skill and apply it immediately. This creates an opportunity for them to learn by application and also retain more knowledge.

As the father of corporate management, Peter Drucker had said “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, or it vanishes”, G-Cube is constantly trying to bring the latest innovations. We are proud to be presenting the next generation of learning technology with the aim of uninhibited growth for our clients. Learn more about the G-Cube Learning Performance Platform here or talk to our learning consultant today.