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Optimize Learning

and Transfer Success

Formula to Employees

Optimize Learning for Unique Business Challenges

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Transfer The Formula For Success
To Your Employees

Customized Learning for Unique Business Challenges

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Drive Performance with Custom eLearning Solution

Our custom eLearning content development team helps you create learning significant to your business requirement, to bring a measurable boost in employee performance. We understand the uniqueness of your organization with a devoted mission and value system. Our team is passionate about customizing and creating engaging learning experiences keeping in mind the different learning styles of your learners.


Solve Specific Business

Solve Specific Business

Align Learning With

Align Learning With
Brand & Core Values

Facilitate Multi

Facilitate Multi
Dimensional Learnings

Develop eLearning

Customize or Develop eLearning From Scratch

Unlock New Potential with Custom

eLearning Journey

At G-Cube, we enable a business to unlock new potential with meaningful, memorable, and engaging learning solutions, be it a course, content, or an entire training program. We take an in-depth interest in identifying and designing learning solutions, including a unique path for your employee development. Our custom eLearning course development serves the purpose of enabling your employee while making learning practical for them.

Custom eLearning Samples

Our custom learning solutions promote sustainable and robust learning culture that improves your business processes, enhances employee engagement, and optimizes performance & proficiency. Our custom eLearning content development is customized to suit the varied learning style of your employees.

  • Onboarding
  • Performance Support
  • Regulatory and Compliance Training
  • Process Training

Delivering Innovative Learning Solutions

To Suit The Learner

Are you struggling to keep up with learner engagement and retention? We can help you with custom content development. The course is made immersive for your learners, with learning paths deployed via various modalities, such as microlearning nuggets, scenario-based learning, game-based learning, simulations & scenarios, interactive learning, etc., and personalized with localization & translation.

Game Based Learning

Game Based Learning

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

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Simulations & Scenarios

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning

Custom eLearning

Use Cases

We create an engaging and compelling learning module to create a high-impact learning experience for your employees.

We are leveraging the 20+ years of expertise in delivering custom eLearning solutions to our numerous clients across the globe. We care about your success and bring the most creative, innovative, and memorable learning solutions to solve the strategic learning needs for your business.


Applied Sciences

Healthcare & Pharma


Custom eLearning Use Cases


Each training module is made engaging and compelling to create a high-impact learning experience. In addition, the learning content is uniquely designed to support the strategic requirement of the organization.

G-Cube has been leveraging the 20+ years of expertise in delivering custom eLearning solutions to numerous clients across the globe. We care about our clients’ success and bring the most creative, innovative, and memorable learning solutions to solve their strategic learning needs.

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Applied Sciences

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Healthcare & Pharma

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blog 1 content

Ethics and Compliance: What is Fundamentally Right or Wrong?

Acting ethically takes courage! If you want employees to appreciate and wholeheartedly absorb the values mentioned in the code of ethics, you must put a lot of effort in making the content relatable, meaningful , and engaging.

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Why embedding emotions in training/learning material matters

The functional organization of the brain and the mind depends on and advances due to experience. Emotions trigger and impact learning through social and cognitive influences. 

Why Choose Us

For unique requirement of your organization, we produce custom eLearning content development that can be accessed on most devices anytime-anywhere.

  • Impacts the Business Results Beyond Learning
  • Based on Cognition & Learning Science
  • Fosters Learning
  • Technical
why choose us 1
why choose us 1

Impacts the Business

Results beyond Learning

  • Control over learner performance and insights
  • Aligned learning with organization standards
  • Performance Support with precise content
  • Sets clear expectation and improves retention
  • Supports innovation and talent development
why choose us 2
why choose us 2

Based on Cognition &

Learning Science

  • Microlearning
  • Spaced Learning
  • Continuous Learning
  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Multi-Modal Learning Strategy
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Fosters Learning Culture 

  • Seamless knowledge distribution
  • Sustainable and robust learning opportunities
  • Personalized learning
  • Social Integration
  • Metacognition

Technical Superiority

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Technical Superiority

  • Technically easy & intuitive solution
  • UI and UX adhered
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Centralized Learning Resource
  • Blended Learning, Video & HTML

Technical Superiority