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Benefits of using Corporate Learning Platform for Telecommunications Workforce

Corporate Learning Platform


In the Telecom industry, most of the workforce interacts with their customers at the physical stores or handles customer queries online via calls, emails, or chat. There is another set of workforces that plays an important in installing the hardware at the field level. Hence, the organizations need to train these workforces to achieve continuous business growth. The best solution to these learning requirements is the adoption of a robust and configurable corporate learning platform.


The Telecom sector’s primary focus is to acquire new customers regularly as well as retain existing customers. Naturally, with new products being added regularly, workforce training is a must. Thus, this provides clarity that workforce training isn’t an option but a requirement to be fulfilled so that the best customer service is being provided to the telecom consumers. With the continuous changes in industry regulations, trends, devices, and technologies, it is essential to ensure that workforces are ready with correct & complete updated information to serve their consumers.


A corporate learning platform for telecommunications ensures a smooth employee engagement and training starting with employee onboarding, training, assessment, and dealer, distributor, and vendor training. The platform is designed to meet the training needs in the most cost-effective and convenient way possible. There are several advantages to using a learning platform for telecom workforce training.


Learning as per convenience & at ease


The learners at times need flexibility in terms of completing their training. They want to complete training anytime, from any location, and on any device as per availability and convenience. The LMS allows workforces to learn the same standardized content at the same time across different time zones and geographies. The LMS ensures that anything new is getting shared with the workforces across all stores and cities at the same time and this helps in avoiding any misinformation shared with customers.


Various types of content availability –


The best corporate learning platform for telecommunications allows workforces to go through training content in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, video, games, and more. As a result, learners are more engaged, retain information for longer periods of time, and work towards enhancing their performances.


Cost-effective & time-saving


The traditional instructor-led classroom approach is much more expensive in terms of travel and infrastructure costs associated. The LMS provides a higher level of engagement, lower costs, and on-the-go learning. Thus, there is an overall business impact with a reduction in cost & time savings.


Corporate Learning Platform Makes learning fun for workforces


The corporate learning platform supports badges, scores, rewards, leaderboards, and other interactive gaming elements. These game elements encourage workforces to learn together in a competitive environment and retain information, making learning more exciting and enjoyable. As the workforces enjoy learning, they are bound to complete their learning at a faster rate and thus contribute quickly toward business growth.


Easy integration with existing systems


Modern-day LMS designed explicitly for telecom training easily integrates various systems. It helps retrieve employee data to analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based on individual progress. The LMS assigns relevant training courses based on the KPI data to meet the individualized needs of everyone. As per (the LinkedIn Learning Report, 2020), 54% of employees spend more time learning if specific course recommendations are given to help them reach their career goals.


The new-age corporate learning platforms easily handle everything from seamless mobile content delivery, automation, and KPI-linked learning to integration, content management, and performance tracking. It addresses all training requirements, increasing overall engagement, knowledge retention, and business growth. In general, an LMS systematically trains and manages learning processes.


G-Cube has worked with multiple organizations to provide effective technology-based solutions, and mobile & game-based learning platforms to build a culture of continuous learning for the organizations. Talk to our learning consultant to know more about how an LMS can create a competitive learning-first environment for your workforce to meet all learning needs and achieve business goals.