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Social Learning Benefits using Learning Management Software

Social learning benefits of using LMS

The pandemic taught us how to deal with unpredictable and sudden situations. During this phase the world experienced bouts of panic and anxiety due to social distancing and isolation. On the professional front, the first task was to get the workforce productive through remote locations to keep the business continuity. This change in the working environment meant no face-to-face connection with peers, lack of motivation, and less engagement.


Organizations understood that it was a difficult phase, and they needed a solution to these issues that came as social learning. The simplest definition of social learning is to learn by observing people around you and it’s one of the most effective ways humans learn in these four steps:


  • Attention
  • Retention
  • Reproduction
  • Motivation


It is now widely being accepted that learning is much more efficient in a social environment, as knowledge is naturally gained and retained through interaction and collaboration. One of the leading approaches to using social learning in virtual environment is through learning management software which makes online training highly engaging and collaborative for employees.


Let us look at some of the many ways an LMS can provide organizations the opportunity to enhance the impact of social learning:


Availability of formal & informal training, all in one place


Formal training, which can be classroom-based, online or eventually both is an important part of the learning journey. However, some of the most valuable lessons and best practices are shared over lunch or tea break with peers. A social LMS lets you make the most of both ways of formal and informal learning. Employees can complete a course online and share their learning with others in form of posts, comments, and many more.


Make training better


The social LMS comes with a variety of features such as forums, threaded discussions, live chat, and many more. You can design your training based on these features to make learning more interactive and this creates a competitive environment among your peers. 87% of employees believe that social knowledge sharing is essential.


No more one-way communication and boost employee satisfaction


The traditional LMS provides training via a one-way channel however with social LMS, you take inputs from others while preparing the training content. This way you tend to communicate with others and the employees feel that they have been heard and their inputs are valued. Communication plays an important role as employees don’t feel isolated and there is a boost in satisfaction levels too.


Increased productivity

Once the onboarding of an employee gets completed, they are assigned with the daily tasks. Organizations want to increase their employee’s productivity and social LMS provides them with a definite solution to this requirement. While learning, employees will have question or they will want to seek some clarification. With a social LMS they can easily post their query in the forum and the others can respond to that query. They can start with a one-to-one chat or try finding any older discussed threads to seek support on a real-time basis.


Transformation in learning approach


Employees are assigned a set of training to be completed using a traditional approach and they just look to complete them at the earliest. A social LMS changes this approach with the use of conversations and collaborations. Employees can share their new findings with their peers as they gain more experience, which adds to the powerful cycle of continuous growth and development.


A social learning management system is your one stop-solution to a smarter, happier, and more productive team. Social learning helps employees connect better with peers, which in a way helps to repair broken links of communication. This makes learning a continuous process, keeps employees engaged and motivated to improve their knowledge and skillsets.


We at G-Cube, have 21+ years of experience in handling the specific learning requirements with our team of experts having domain knowledge. Our LMS is designed to incorporate best learning practices and enhance employee performance with learning solution. To know more about our product suite, contact us to know more about our LMS features that enable social learning for your organization.