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Moving From Resource to Resourcefulness with Microlearning Strategy

Microlearning Strategy

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a critical asset for every individual, we all look at ways to upskill and reskill quickly. It is when microlearning has taken precedence over the standard learning modules.


What is Microlearning


As organizations look to upskill and reskill their workforce, human capital stakeholders are reassessing the approaches to help their talent develop the required competencies most effectively and efficiently. In doing so, microlearning strategies have become crucial to maximizing learning outcomes.

Why Microlearning?  

  • It helps reduce information overload and disseminate information without overwhelming the learner.
  • Supports personalized learning while providing enduring opportunities to attract, engage and build a strong learning culture.

How can microlearning empower employees for sustained business outcomes?


Talent and technology are critical to any success. To remain competitive, any organization will work on its most prominent resources – people- through employee development and talent management activities.


However, with the ever-challenging business environment, organizations must comprehensively scan their capabilities versus the vision. Microlearning strategy supports employees with actionable content with easy just-in-time access. It provides employees with the snackable range and well-timed support they need while performing the task. It also acts as a quick resolution or a refresher to recall the learned concept. This strategy  involves a deep understanding of the following:

  • Knowing the learners’ preferences,
  • Identifying relevant and high-impact areas,
  • Developing engaging and interactive learning content, and
  • Delivering and tracking learning experiences.

How Microlearning supports the skills and competencies development while addressing the pain points of L&D:


  • Sync with Priorities: Microlearning strategy helps align key business goals while having a hard look at employee development needs. When an outcome-driven custom corporate microlearning strategy applies to employee development, it promotes growth in the right direction.
  • Learning Culture: Microlearning supports enhancing individual and organizational skills. Having periodic refreshers, graphical representation of information, visual guides, PDFs, and podcasts promote continuous learning culture for the organization.
  • Personalization: Microlearning can be customized to meet learners’ unique needs and preferences. It can provide personalized feedback, assessments, and recommendations to help employees improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Engagement: Microlearning’s engaging and interactive features can increase employee motivation and participation. Using interactivities, gamification, quizzes, and real-world scenarios makes learning more fun and exciting.
  • Flexibility: Microlearning can be accessed anytime, anywhere, using any device. It can easily integrate into the daily work routine, and employees can learn at their own pace and convenience.


Microlearning in practice


Microlearning is a focused approach that prioritizes achieving specific objectives or tasks rather than diving into the broader context of a topic. It can be used as an enabler to complement formal training before, during, or after the training.


As the working ecosystem continues to evolve, value-based culture and a sense of community are gaining their prime. Millennials, in particular, prefer to work with organizations that focus on culture and development opportunities.


Organizations can leverage microlearning to its maximum capabilities to compete for a shrinking talent pool. A data-driven approach further enhances the effectiveness of microlearning programs, helps identify areas for improvement, and optimizes learning experiences continuously. Beyond its advantages, such as flexibility, personalization, engagement, and cost-effectiveness, it is an excellent choice for further strengthening the employer proposition.


By working with experts in Microlearning, companies are building agile and effective learning cultures to drive business performance and employee engagement.


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