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Adopting an Effective Way to Engage and Retain the Extended Workforce of Different Industries

The new-age learning management system software serves as a powerful platform to manage online education or online corporate training. Using a robust learning management software, organizations create an effective training curriculum for their employees, analyzing their performance and giving certifications based on their diverse job roles. Today, corporate training is going beyond the confines of an enterprise. So, this is the reason why organizations are deploying extended learning management systems to train their external workforce- channel partners, resellers, suppliers, customers, franchisees, and others. E-learning outside the organization acts as a vital tool to aid organizations to improve their business growth and profitability.

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Top Use Cases of Extended LMS

It is imperative for industries such as automobile, retail, healthcare, and others to utilize robust learning management system (LMS) software to train the internal as well as the extended workforce. There are various instances of how LMS software is useful for extended workforce training in different sectors. These include:

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

With increasing customer needs, training the extended salesforce of banks and other financial organizations becomes a daunting task. Companies in this industry utilize LMS software for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The availability of training content via custom mobile apps helps the salesforce to:

  • To go through sales enablement, soft skills, and other relevant courses anytime, anywhere, and on the mobile device of their choice.
  • Mobile content delivery aid to train the globally dispersed workforce.
  • Engaging mobile apps are designed as per the diverse job roles, learning styles, and preferences to suit varied training needs.


Today, automobile companies face the challenge to train their extended workforce, especially dealer employees. So, online learning software for extended workforce training is implemented to drive optimal engagement, retention, and business productivity. The robust learning management software for dealer network provides the following benefits:

  • Accessibility of relevant training content on any mobile device to seek knowledge at the fingertips and learn even on the go.
  • Seamless integration of LMS with Dealer Management System (DMS) to automatically create Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data and analyze performance metrics.
  • Based on the KPI data, the robust e-learning software automatically assigns training courses as per the personalized training needs.
  • The ability to upload different training courses on the LMS results in optimum use of knowledge and apply it to real-life workplace situations.


The prime challenge for retail companies is to train their sales professionals. Sometimes, employees fail to sell products to their customers because of lack of sales proficiency and confidence. Today, the retail industry is shifting towards reaping benefits of robust learning management software for mobile devices. The mobile LMS acts as an efficient sales enablement tool by providing multiple benefits. These include:

  • The deployment of online LMS software for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) helps external salesforce to sell the right product at the right time effectively.
  • Incorporation of videos and animations within online courses helps to boost overall customer retention, engagement, and business sales.
  • The sales employees can quickly dive their customers through the mobile-enabled solution at any point of time, without any hassle of going anywhere.
  • Different kinds of traceability stories on product related online courses enhance the overall levels of product satisfaction, customer retention, engagement, and sales.

In today's era, when it comes to external workforce training through e learning software, the outcomes leave a significant impact on an organization's growth, value, and reach. Reckoned amongst the popular LMSs for corporate training, G-Cube LMS Extended learning management software delivers engaging training from compliance and soft skills to sales enablement, product training, and more. We offer company-specific eLearning solutions for industries, including healthcare, telecom, automotive, retail, BFSI, and others. To know more, write at [email protected].

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