Adopting Effective Gamification Approach using Corporate E Learning Platform

Is Your Retail Workforce Ready?

Every industry faces unique challenges, and the retail sector is no different. Workplace challenges provide opportunities for L&D departments to utilize corporate elearning platforms and deliver innovative solutions. It is crucial for companies in the retail sector to develop personalized, engaging, and performance-driven learning programs for their modern workforce. For instance, effective training delivery for sales professionals can boost overall business productivity, workforce efficiency, and total sales.

E Learning Platform for Retail

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In today's digital era, retail organizations are deploying robust e learning platform to serve three primary purposes:

  1. Product training - To ensure that sales employees are familiar with new products and services, thereby ensuring optimum customer satisfaction and boost in sales.
  2. Onboarding - To effectively train new hires on company's policies and work culture, thereby improving overall employee engagement and retention.
  3. Compliance training - To ensure that employees undergo mandatory training on the company's policies, health and safety, and other important issues.

Gamification: An Effective Approach for Training on Compliance, Sales, and Onboarding

The new-age e learning platform support the gamification feature to deliver effective training on compliance, onboarding, and sales. The prime aim of modern retail companies is to boost workforce engagement, knowledge retention, and overall business growth. Games can be easily incorporated with corporate e learning platforms and serve the following benefits:

  • Sales training
    Today, most of the retail companies are dealing with new product launches, thereby making it necessary to stay ahead of the curve. Modern elearning platforms embed games to motivate learners to explore the entire product range, ensuring they can correctly answer customers' queries in real-life situations. Introducing new products at each level of the game enables sales employees to well-acquaint with updated product catalogs, thereby boosting overall customer satisfaction, product loyalty, and organizational growth.
  • Compliance training
    The retail industry is concerned about various issues, including workplace safety, money handling, security, and more. So, delivering a game-like experience for compliance training helps to boost overall levels of employee engagement and knowledge retention. For instance, learning about how to deal with goods delivered at the store can be complete fun for employees by introducing a game rather than reading a manual.
  • Onboarding training
    Hiring new employees each year can lead to increased time and costs associated with training. So, modern online learning platforms support the gamification feature to aid new employees to familiarize with the company's brand value, its reach, its products, and services. Engaging scenarios and mini quizzes are introduced into the game to help employees address real-life workplace challenges and deliver an incredible customer experience.

For the retail industry, the ability to respond to evolving customer needs require an effective training experience. The new-age corporate e learning platforms deliver innovative solutions to train new hires, comply with industry regulations, and get up to speed with new product catalogs. With digitization, the role of online learning platforms plays a significant role in improving overall employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and product knowledge. The delivery of game-based solutions via a robust elearning platform begins with the need to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of employees as well as the organization on the whole.

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