How Mobile Learning is changing the Future of e-Learning

How Mobile Learning is changing the Future of e-Learning

Mobile Learning, or mLearning, is no longer a new phenomenon. mLearning has taken the learning industry by storm over the last few years – starting with small learning nuggets through text messages, to the new-age mobile learning games of today. Fuelling the immense popularity of this medium is the easy availability and affordability for all.
Additionally newer development technologies like HTML5 are ensuring that mobile learning development is more streamlined, standardized as well as budget-friendly.

It is evident that mLearning is changing the way learning is delivered as well as consumed in the corporate world.

  • Users are now more accustomed to the mobile platform and this helps in the immense popularity of mobile learning. We spend a lot of time on our mobile phones, participating in a variety of online activities like social networking, shopping, paying bills, as well as entertainment activities like watching videos or listening to music. The device thus does not pose as a threat and there is no learning curve to be anticipated in terms of learners being able to access and consume mobile learning on their handheld devices.
  • E-Learning developers all agree that creating mobile content is much more than just making e-content available on mobile devices. Mobile learning content that is now being developed align itself to the strengths of the medium and keep its limitations in mind. Thus, small bursts of mLearning are most popular – with minimum text and prominent media inclusion like graphics, audio and video.
  • With developing technologies, developing mobile-friendly e-content is easier, cheaper as well as faster. Even a few years ago, separate modules of mobile learning and e-learning had to be developed. But by using modern development technology like HTML5, the e-content can be delivered across multiple devices – laptop, mobile or tablets. To aid quicker creation, a lot of existing e-content or learning material like graphics, videos, animations and audio can be reused.
  • Mobile learning does not mean boring, unimaginative page turners. The mobile platform supports a lot of interactivity – like audio and video. Developers can utilize these elements well to provide an interesting alternative to boring text.  Mobile games can be developed to make learning fun. The level of interactivity depends on available technologies, the compatibilities of the learner devices and available budgets for mLearning development.
  • Modern developers keep in mind that most learners use multiple devices to access the same course. When in office, they view it on their desktops or laptops. While travelling they might refer to their handy tablet. With web responsive technology, new age mobile learning content can be created that aligns itself as per the specifications of the viewing device. The user does not have to scroll or pan-in/pan-out unnecessarily to view the content. This ensures a uniform learning experience for all – irrespective of the viewing device.

As a platform, mobile learning has been tremendously successful for corporate learning. It is set to evolve with newer devices, heightened device capabilities and modern learning development tools.

How Mobile Learning is changing the Future of e-Learning


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