Key Benefits of SCORM Compliant LMS for Corporate Training

The main benefit of SCORM or "Shareable Content Object Reference Model" is interoperability. In other worlds, SCORM is a collection of technical standards to develop effective e learning content. With ever-evolving training needs of the modern workforce, SCORM has become the most famous content standard in the eLearning industry. Today, SCORM compliant LMS creates an ideal framework for content creation. Consequently, learning management platforms and authoring tools are developed specifically to be SCORM compliant.

SCORM Compliant LMS

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SCORM Compliant LMS for Corporate Training

Top learning management systems are SCORM 1.2 compliant, which aid organizations to create engaging training content as per the personalized needs of all. There are several advantages of implementing a SCORM compliant LMS within an enterprise. These include:

  • The SCORM LMS supports interoperability between different e learning software products. You can create online courses using various LMS tools- Captivate, Composica, Articulate, and others.
  • The implementation of SCORM compliant LMS helps to reduce overall costs of integration by 80%, as well saves time.
  • The SCORM LMS also supports features such as adaptability, flexibility, and reusability to create content tailored to individual and organizational needs. It enables content developers to design unique elearning courses to cater to the needs of targeted audiences.
  • This standard is used by top LMSs, which include Talent LMS, Docebo, Saba, G-Cube LMS, and others.
  • Another key benefit is that the robust LMS allows to create and repurpose content, thereby saving time and money. Organizations which deliver continuous training experience deploy SCORM compliant LMS to provide the right type of courses at the right time and to the right learner.
  • SCORM LMS also saves money by boosting overall learning efficiency and productivity while reducing the time and costs involved in e learning content delivery.
  • Online training modules uploaded on SCORM LMSs are accessible from home, office, and even on the go. As a result, learners can undergo training at their own pace of time and convenience.
  • You can easily track individual scores, test results, courses completed or pending, total time spent on a specific module, questions asked by learners, score per training module, individual progress, and check status- fail, pass, complete, others.
  • Content developers can easily choose the best authoring tools to create compelling content that perfectly fits the needs of globally dispersed audiences.

With technological advancement, most of the organizations are leveraging the benefits of SCORM compliant LMS to align learning with organizational goals. With optimum use of the latest rapid authoring tools, top LMSs that are SCORM compliant help to create training content effectively. Consequently, this saves time and effort spent on designing an online course, while also reusing the same content again within a few clicks. From retail and finance to healthcare, automobile, and other sectors, the need to create effective online courses using SCORM LMS is evolving. The G-Cube LMS is a powerful SCORM compliant learning management system, designed to automate the delivery of continuous training experience for different industry verticals. For instance, we collaborated with leading healthcare companies to provide SCORM compliant G-Cube LMS to improve patient safety, workforce engagement, and knowledge retention. Also, the robust LMS supports automated reporting and performance tracking, thereby bridging skills-gaps and increasing the overall learning uptake.

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