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G-Cube Launches Course on Instructional Designing

G-Cube Launches

Noida/ India: E-learning is surely changing the way business leaders think of training, to train their executives across diverse verticals. Today more than ever, companies are turning to e-Learning for their ever increasing training requirements.

And when we talk of creating an e-learning course, the first step is that of Instructional Designing (ID). Simply put, it is integral job of ‘thinking up’ the whole course. The expertise needed for this is not only a strong hold on language and communication but an all-around understanding of the learner needs and the design aspects rising out of them. Analytical skills are necessary as is a strong creative bend of mind.

But in spite of evident need, Instructional Designers in India rely and learn the most from experience in the field. While this is true for all professions, it is especially true in this case as special courses in the field are scarce and the degrees which do exist impart more theoretical knowledge than practical experience. In fact, most of the theory of ID can be researched and found on the internet. But the task of putting that theory into practice is tedious and often, impossible for a fresh ID aspirant. Recruiters too are aware of the need-gaps, but agree to hire professionals with just a background in communications. The whole process ignores much of the entire skill set needed for a good ID professional.

So, with increasing demand for good designers for e-learning courses and no real solutions in sight, G-Cube brings the Mountain to Mohammed. The latest venture of G-Cube is a special in-house course on Instructional Designing, called ID-Edge. The course is divided in three parts – Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced with each semester running for around four months and with on the job training between each semester.

ID-Edge will steer the selected recruits towards a profession that gives them an opportunity to explore and hone their talent. While some theoretical knowledge is a part of the course, the main emphasis will be on practical knowledge of how a learning course is built from scratch. Not only the course will provide functional knowledge, but it will also sensitize the learners about the end-to-end development process, customer-facing communication, and cross-functional challenges.

And what will G-Cube gain

Well, we will gain good people on our team, and hopefully some good karma points for creating a pool of trained Instructional Designers for the industry!

Please contact **@gc**********.net for further details on the course and enrollment procedure.