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The President And CEO Of MRCC, Mr. Anil Shah, Speaks About The Future Of The Talent Development Industry During The G-Cube–MRCC Town Hall



Noida, UP: Mr. Anil Shah, President & CEO of the MRCC Group, who was on a business trip to India, participated in the G-Cube–MRCC Global Town Hall. The Group Leaders from the US, Europe, and India offices met at the Noida Office to co-create their vision and discuss several facets of Talent Management.


Mr. Anil Shah is a visionary technocrat who settled in the US during the mid-1980s. He founded MRCC, which is currently one of the most trustworthy technology groups globally. During the town hall, he shared experiences of his entrepreneurial journey and spoke passionately about the need to create an organization that is not only resilient but also respected.


He highlighted the importance of being process-driven and standardizing all aspects of an organization—improving the performance of individuals and teams collectively. He encouraged everyone to foster a growth environment—how individual contribution to the company cascades into the overall growth of the company. Moreover, he emphasized how the current business landscape is moving towards a customer-centric approach that is data-driven and agile.


Mr. Deeptanshu Tiwari, Executive Vice President, MRCC, a name to reckon in the industry, also addressed the gathering. He articulated that an organization can successfully embrace a cultural change when it is planned and executed efficiently. Additionally, he asserted the importance of empowering employees by maintaining transparency in decisions—such that the change process is welcomed and embraced by everyone rather than being a one-way street, where plans and strategies are just implemented.


Adding to Mr. Tiwari’s vision of change management, Mr. Shashi Kant Sinha, Vice President, MRCC, highlighted the criticality of a developmental approach to talent. Team members who are nurtured and who grow along with a company are often resilient despite the odds against them. Hence, they are better aligned with the ethos and vision of the organization.


Mr. Manish Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, G-Cube, reminisced on how he founded G-Cube with Mr. Kapil Gupta, Co-Founder and Director, G-Cube, and Mr. Sayan Guha, Head – Learning Technologies, G-Cube, 20 years ago. He motivated everyone to be proactive in shaping their career goals. He shared, “There are two ways of growing: one where you are told how to grow and the other is where you choose your own path. I am the champion of the second one.”


Post these addresses, G-Cubians had a time of enjoyment and fun with games, songs, and great food. As the evening drew to a close, Mr. Anil Shah, along with Mr. Deeptanshu Tiwari, actively participated in all team activities and joined in with the others for an impromptu jamming session led by Mr. Sayan Guha and Mr. Kapil Gupta, keeping the G-Cube spirit alive and rocking.