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Continuing Innovation

Keeping in tune with its vision of innovation, G-Cube had launched a unique training program for ID aspirants early this year. Aptly named ID-Edge, it aimed to give that much needed ‘edge’ and professionalism to ID enthusiasts for embarking on a career in Instructional Design. Our talk with Pradeep Chopra, Project Manager for ID-Edge gives us a look into the inside world of ID training.  Poised at culmination, this is, however ‘Just the beginning’, he says. ‘With more levels of training planned and new batches to start, the innovation will continue’.

Read on for a detailed excerpt.

Besides evident need for professional ID recruits, what was the thought behind creating ID Edge?

ID-Edge was developed with a vision to strengthen the pool of ID professionals in the industry. It has two components. The first one – to have a good set of ID professionals on the floor and the second – to create a team which strives to develop e-learning models which stand out in quality and are cost-effective for our clients as well.

So, while it is an answer to our ID specific needs, it has been developed to provide the trainees a 360-degree look at e-learning and its various aspects.

What was the course structure like?

The course structure was set in three broad parts – The Introduction Phase, the Learning Phase and the Evaluation Phase.

When the trainees started the course, they had little knowledge about e-learning. It was necessary for them to experience the entire process that is involved in creating an e-learning module. The first phase provided this much needed foundation.

The learning phase focused on the theoretical knowledge of ID theories, models and taxonomies. Meshed with this, was a practical aspect of training. Samples from  various projects were taken to demonstrate how the theories were used to create apt trainings, as per the requirements of the client and learner needs.

Along with this, other practical skills like client-interaction and inter-organizational communication were sharpened through interactive sessions.

Finally, all trainees were required to create training modules and were evaluated on the same. Every aspect of the training, from its conceptualization to graphics and media, the trainees did it all. This was necessary – helping us to evaluate them on the ID principles learnt as well as on all other aspects of the training. It also instilled a confidence in them to take on live-projects hence on.

ID-Edge stresses a lot on hands-on experience for trainees. Can you elaborate?

In the ID-Edge program we laid great emphasis on hands-on experience for trainees. The trainees got a chance to apply the knowledge they acquired in practice projects. They got exposure to the practical aspects and constraints of instructional designing while working on these projects. This methodology enabled them to learn from their own experience and mistakes and gave them hands on experience in instructional designing.

The ID-Edge program also expanded the scope of the training by not limiting it to storyboarding and designing but also extending it to creating e-learning trainings using a rapid authoring tools. G-Cube provided the necessary infrastructure and the trainees created a pilot project using the popular rapid authoring tool – Articulate. Thus ID Edge provided a holistic and integrated training which gave them practical hands-on experience in the field of ID.

For ID aspirants, what are the skills that you would say are necessary for consideration?

An ID aspirant should necessarily possess good writing skills clubbed with an innovative and creative mind. An inquisitive bent of mind with good analytical and reasoning skills are requisites as well. She/he should be a good listener, a good interpreter with an eye for detail and should be able to communicate verbally and visually. Most importantly ID aspirants should be passionate about eLearning and should be able to deliver effective and engaging trainings.

How did ID-Edge hone those skills?

ID-Edge program sharpened the requite skills that an ID aspirant should possess by creating a holistic training. The trainees were encouraged not to accept things basis their face value but to question and reason things before doing any task. They probed deeper into the content, enhancing their knowledge and inquisitive bent of mind. With considerate exposure to a plethora of eLearning trainings, the trainees learnt about different ways of presenting the content. The practice projects sharpened their writing and visualization skills and also enabled them to experiment and explore various avenues of creativity.

Has ID-Edge managed to bridge the need gaps many recruiters face when looking for ID professionals? How so?

The problem that recruiters in India face while hiring ID professionals is that they do not find people who are trained or specialized in the ID domain. The ID-Edge program has definitely managed to bridge the need gaps that the recruiters face. It has converted ID aspirants into ID professionals who not only have sound basic knowledge of ID but also have practical hands-on experience in various aspects of ID including creation of eLearning trainings using Articulate

How has ID-Edge helped the chosen trainees in embarking upon a career in ID?

The ID-Edge program is conceived in two levels. In the current scenario, the trainees were trained on level 1. This level has provided a sound and strong foundation to the trainees to start their career in ID. After spending some time on live projects, the trainees will be ready for the next stage.

So, on the whole, this training will definitely give them an edge over other ID aspirants in the industry.

What is you future vision for ID-Edge?

G-Cube plans to start a fresh batch soon. In parallel, innovation will continue on developing new and cost-effective ID and eLearning models.

Also, planned for the next year, is level 2 training for the current lot of trainees. Level 2 training will be designed in a workshop mode and will include topics such as designing complex eLearning trainings and providing eLearning solutions to clients.

Keeping in line with G-Cube’s vision, ID-Edge would aim to continue taking strides in innovation and new ways of imparting knowledge in ID as well as the e-learning domain as a whole.