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Selection of Effective Corporate Learning Management Software in Manufacturing Industry

Corporate Learning Management Software

Finding and building a set of skilled workforces in the manufacturing industry is one of the biggest challenges. As per the reports from Deloitte, due to the issue of the skill gap, there will be about 2.4 million job vacancies in the manufacturing sector by 2025. The manufacturing industry needs to work towards creating a pool of skilled workers to keep their day-to-day activities running and achieve business growth. The problem has its solution in a corporate learning management software, let’s discuss how.


In today’s era, the manufacturing workforce requires increasingly specialized skills to work with changing manufacturing technology. Thus, it’s critical that manufacturers build an inventory of their workers’ skill sets and create a culture of continuous learning for the development of workforces to remain competitive with other organizations.


The method of online training is the most effective and high paced result-oriented approach. This way, organizations can cut down the cost involved in conducting the training and get away from arranging the logistics required for a classroom session. A system that can handle and meet the learning challenges of manufacturing workforces is required. Thus, an effective corporate learning management software in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturing units plays an important role.


Here arises a question, now we know that a system would be fulfilling the needs however what are the criteria or parameters basis on which the selection of an effective Corporate Learning Management Software to be done needs to be identified. In this blog, we discuss all the criteria an organization should consider while selecting an LMS for their training initiatives.


Onboarding process capabilities


There is a high number of employees working in a single manufacturer unit, thus manufacturers are required to hire the right talent at a faster rate. The more quickly the employees get skilled ready, the sooner they’ll be able to contribute and ramp up production and be efficient. The corporate learning management software with the capabilities to assign the training courses as per the defined skill set makes it easy for the workforce to complete their sessions quickly and implement their learnings at a field level.


A standardized onboarding program ensures that new hires are oriented, trained, and engaged. According to a 2018 study by Jobvite, 30% of workers quit a job in the first ninety days as compared to less than 10% if the organization has a well-structured onboarding program.  An LMS helps in ensuring new employees have the relevant information and skills to be successful.


Learning through mobiles and other smart devices


For manufacturing units, mobile learning is a must. When Corporate Learning Management Software is accessible by the workforce whether at their desk or working around the machinery, they can easily access the priority training through their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Mobile learning makes it faster for the huge workforce to brush up on their existing skills and learn new concepts quickly.


The organizations can deliver standardized learning as all the employees are accessing the same set of content which is stored at a centralized location.


Ability to update Training content quickly


The manufacturing industry goes through continuous changes in terms of infrastructure, products, technologies, and compliance regulations. There arises the requirement to update training content at a faster rate and the LMS provides a solution where this need can be fulfilled easily. This works very well with the workforce getting new updates as per new regulations on a quick note.


Reporting and analytics  


The workforce training plays an important role in any organization’s business growth; thus, the timing of training completions becomes very crucial. The manual tracking of training completion by each employee can be a tedious task. The corporate learning management software with the capability to generate multiple reports and dashboards can make supervisor’s life at ease in tracking their employee’s learning paths.


The manufacturing skills gap is only going to increase over the coming years and the shortage of skilled workers. The organization’s best strategy is to engage and develop its current workforce, new hires, and supervisors with comprehensive learning and development that is being easily managed and tracked by robust learning management software. An effective training program adopted leads to a higher level of productivity and vice versa. Organizations’ primary task is to prepare their workers for upcoming challenges in the industry, they need to choose the Corporate Learning Management Software that suits their manufacturing industry needs ass stated above.


G-Cube has helped multiple organizations with effective technology-based solutions, and mobile & game-based learning platforms and built a culture of continuous learning. Talk to our learning consultant to know more about how a learning management system can create a learning-first environment for your organization to achieve business goals.

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