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e-Learning Current State & Future Trends : Poll Results


Here are results of the poll –

Q1 – Where do you think e-learning stands in Technology Adoption Life Cycle in your country?

e-Learning on Technology Adoption Life Cycle

Q2 – What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to planning, rolling out, or managing an e-learning training program?

Challenges for e-learning industry

Q3 – What according to you would have biggest impact on e-learning in coming years?

Future Trends for e-learning

Some observations based on the above results –

  1. e-Learning has considerably matured in United States, and should see mass adoption in coming years. It can be safely assumed that rest of the developing world would also follow the same growth trajectory as the local Internet and Bandwidth problems get sorted out. As a result, e-learning industry should continue to experience significant growth in coming years.
  2. Budget remains a key concern area (which we believe is not limited to e-learning, but training industry as a whole). Unfortunately, nothing much can be done about it as training is not something which is perceived to have immediate impact on top or bottom lines.
  3. Adoption of e-learning by users, and availability of quality e-learning programs are also significant concern areas. However, I think this would change as more organizations adopt e-learning, which would allow content providers to come up with innovative and more cost-effective solutions (since they would be able to offer it to broader market, and hence get faster & better returns on their investments).
  4. There seems to be general consensus that e-learning 2.0 (read – Blogs, Wiki, Shared Videos, Q&A etc.) would have increasingly larger role in the way training is imparted.
  5. Also, m-learning seems to be resurrecting now. This coupled with other delivery formats should give content providers a lot of room to experiment with interesting content creation strategies.

(Mr. Vivek Pandey is Manager – Business Development at G-Cube)