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Extended LMS for Enterprise: Improved Efficiency, Increased Learner Engagement & Improved Business Growth

Extended LMS

Online learning technologies continue to impact the way people gain knowledge and apply it in real-life workplace situations. Effective workplace training programs have started reaching beyond the confines of an enterprise, by providing learning anytime and anywhere. In the midst of this comes the deployment of robust Learning Management Systems to effectively train the external workforce and cater to their pertinent learning needs. With increasing number of employees spread across diverse geographical locations, the need to use Extended Enterprise LMS has also improved.

Providing training outside the organization is an important strategic tool for improving the bottom line. Few benefits that are offered by online LMS for external workforce training are outlined here:

  • As modern learners are now adept with mobile devices, training delivery across personalized smartphones and tablets has also improved. Accessibility of training content via mobile learning apps helps to align the right training content to the right audiences as per their job roles and learning preferences.
  • It is crucial to market the new extended learning program. Therefore, continuous learning and activities like skill contests are marketed via mailers & brochures.
  • The extended LMS is also equipped to send automatic text messages to personalized mobile devices. These instant reminders help to keep tracking of the learning events better.

In today’s modern world which is becoming more mobile and collaborative, corporate training via online LMS is evolving in ample ways. Extended enterprise learning is an emerging trend where distributed employees as well as non-employees such as partners, resellers, customers and franchises are effectively trained. Not all organizations feel the need to train extended audiences, but the number of organizations that do is gradually increasing. Extended enterprise learning is effectively delivery to external workforce with varied job profiles as discussed here:

Extended Salesforce Training

Today, extended workforce learning has proved to be successful for organizations which take effective sales training initiatives. From tracking salesforce performance and fostering client relationships, extended LMS helps the sales employees to remain at the top of the game. For instance, short quizzes can help the sales team to align the right product to the right customer, thereby affecting the business line.

Customer Training

It is crucial for organizations to train their customers about the new products and services offered. The easy-to-navigate interface incorporating features such as gamification, simulations and more keep customers motivated and engaged during the program. The mobile-aided learning platform provided relevant training content at the point of need as per the personalized needs of esteemed customers.

Channel Partner Training

Companies in the manufacturing, telecom and other sectors comprise of independent partners that resell their products and services on a global scale. As the channel partners are spread across diversified locations, extended e-learning platforms help to bridge those geographical barriers. An LMS helps the partners to learn about new products at their own convenience of time and location. As a result, it improves the overall sales, business productivity and customer satisfaction.

While corporate learning began as an internal workforce training program, industries have now realized the potential of modern LMSs to train the external workforce. So, when extended employee training begins with strategic decision-making via a powerful distribution network, the outcomes can leave a great impact on an organization’s overall reach, brand value and growth. For more details, Download the free whitepaper here!