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Food, Family, and Fun!

As all of us love to have good food.  The pleasure of eating multiplies many folds when someone in the family or a friend is cooking Just For You. The pleasure is not only for those who eat but for those who cook for that someone.

Sonia JFUG-Cube introduced a unique initiative ‘Just For You’ for G-Cube family and friends in order to further enrich our homely environment. This monthly initiative that started in January this year brings delicious and mouth watering dishes which are cooked by talented/ experimental/ adventurous cooks from G-Cube family.

Ankit JFUThe initiative created vivacious and bubbly mood among G-Cubians and arose their gourmet spirit. The inauguration of this initiative was done by Ms Sonia Mahajan from HR Team. Sonia cooked “nutty-kishmish Halwa”. All G-Cubians relished halwa with great delight. This was followed in February by Mr. Ankit Kumar from Content Team who made mouth watering “pakodas” of different kinds.

Hats off to you two –  Sonia and Ankit! All G-Cubians are now anxiously waiting for next adventurous cook who would delight them with its cooking skills.