Gaining Competitive Success Using Best LMS Software

Posted on : July 2nd, 2019
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Driving Measurable Outcomes Using LMS for Extended Workforce Training

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations are shifting towards using the best LMS software to deliver training for the internal and external workforce. With more number of employees working from remote locations, the need to use extended learning management system is becoming more evident. The extended workforce is not sitting at their desktop. They prefer learning at their own pace of time and convenience, while in a meeting in the office, on the weekend, or even while commuting. Industries, including pharmaceutical, automobile, retail, and others face the challenge to train their globally dispersed workforce. They invest in the deployment of corporate LMS software to deliver custom e-learning solutions, boost workforce competency, and achieve lucrative outcomes.

Best LMS Software

The best LMS software available in the market is used by organizations to train their external personnel more effectively and engagingly. Let us discuss how the new-age extended LMS help to drive measurable outcomes through training:

● The learning and development teams know the value of deploying e-learning software for extended workforce training. Around 40% of the organizations getting revenues through extended workforce training have showcased an increase of 18% in the last two years. Consequently, 55% of the organizations have showcased a boost in customer relations and a 41% increase in employee retention.

● As per a study, around 56% of organizations found that delivering impactful online training to external workforce is beneficial. For instance, training the customers on the company’s products and services results in better customer retention and drive business sales. Also, the extended LMS provides periodic assessments to evaluate learners’ progress and the overall impact of training.

● Most of the millennials prefer learning on the go, and this results in an emerging scope of mobile learning for the extended workforce. Organizations deliver mobile-enabled training material on personalized mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to enable the workforce to learn anytime and anywhere. For instance, sales representatives can take a quick review of relevant courses before meeting with a client to refresh their concepts and bridge their skills gaps.

● The automobile sector faces an ultimate challenge to train their extended workforce network, especially dealers. So, companies deploy modern LMSs and integrate them with existing Dealer Management Systems to fetch employee data and generate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scores. Based on the KPI data, the LMS software automatically assigns relevant courses based on the skills-gap analysis. As a result, this helps the dealers to undergo training, bridge their competency gaps, and perform better.

Organizations are increasingly using corporate learning management software to train and certify their workforce. Undoubtedly, extended LMS software is becoming a significant aspect for organizations to boost workforce competency, knowledge retention, and accelerate your business pace. When the robust corporate LMS is utilized for extended learners, then the training outcomes can leave a significant impact on an organization’s overall growth, save money, and increase ROIs. The extended version of G-Cube LMS, a reputed corporate learning management system trains internal and external workforce which includes sales representatives, channel partners, customers, dealers, and others. To know more, write to [email protected].

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