How Can Mobile Learning Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Posted on : March 25th, 2020
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Today, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge with coronavirus outbreak and its impact on everyone’s lives. Corporates are adopting preventive measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees, customers, and partners globally. They are shifting towards adopting mobile learning solutions to contribute to the efforts to cope with the pandemic. The health crisis has made organizations around the world to move towards a virtual and distributed team model. While employees may be working remotely, it is crucial to ensure that the new work environment does not bring down their morale. As work from home is the new normal, companies have adopted a mobile-driven approach to keep their employees engaged and connected, while maintaining social distancing.

How are Industries Responding during Coronavirus Outbreak?

During the COVID-19 crisis, organizations need to deliver custom eLearning solutions that elevate organizational success. Implementing mobile-led corporate e-Learning solutions as a part of the L&D strategy is not merely an option, but a necessity for every industry. E-Learning is replacing traditional training methods, thereby embracinga real-time approach to driveemployee engagement, knowledge retention, and overall performance. Let us see how different industries are coping with COVID-19 by mobile learning solutions:

Healthcare: While the whole is dealing with the pandemic, it is the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are working round the clock to fight COVID-19. The healthcare industry is adopting mobile-driven approach to share relevant information with their staff. Doctors and nurses can learn about managing health anxiety, stay connected, and deal with quarantine situations in the coming weeks.

Telecom : While the Government has implemented social distancing measures, the telecom sector needs to ensure an uninterrupted mobile network across the world. Companies are also under revenue pressure, as there has been a drop in subscriber actions and reduced footfalls at stores. In such a situation, telecom companies must encourage their workforce who are working remotely. Employees can access online digital resources to know about the company’s updated tariff plans, customer handling process, and more. So, this ensures that the telecom workforce is staying connected, without hampering their productivity while working from home.

Automobile: The coronavirus outbreak has already disrupted services of significant industries, and the automobile sector is no exception. The disruption in the supply chain and reduced customer demands have affected business productivity. Automotive companies can utilize this time to train employees who are mostly on the go adequately. Instead of letting down your employees’ confidence during this crisis, they can be taught effectively. For instance, mini-games can be designed for mobile devices, thereby encouraging the remote workforce to collaborate with their teams, develop new skills, and remain enthusiastic.

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Software: Amid coronavirus outbreak, software companies are also scrambling to keep their employees connected and productive while working remotely. While some companies can afford the work from home facility, others may not be able to implement it due to limited access to technology. So, organizations can deliver short training modules to proactively guide their employees on how to deal with this crisis and adopt preventive measures. Ultimately, this not only ensures the well-being of employees but also prepares for the future.

In this indefinite time of health crisis, all of us must keep learning while staying safe at home. Industries must adopt mobile learning solutions to combat COVID-19 and come out stronger than ever from the downturn.

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