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How Does Online LMS Systems Help to Boost Learner Engagement?

Online LMS

Today, most of the L&D teams consider deploying an online learning management system to drive workplace performance. The modern training landscape blends the right kind of technology with learning to attain competitive success. Undoubtedly, employees are the most valuable assets for an organization. Therefore, workforce engagement is a significant aspect measured with the degree of learner interaction and overall progress. Most companies are leveraging benefits of delivering training across online LMS systems to drive overall levels of engagement, knowledge retention, and business ROIs.


When it comes to engaging employees through training, using a robust online learning system becomes a viable option. Best online LMS systems support a gamut of features which enhance learner engagement during a corporate training program. These features include:


Blended learning

Corporate LMSs support blended learning approach where employees attend classroom training sessions and then access online refreshers at spaced intervals of time. For instance, live webinars are organized using modern LMS so that employees can undergo training anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, the platform also helps to track performance and generate automated reports, while brief sessions can be arranged for a classroom environment. As a result, blended learning improves the overall training impact, thereby enabling employees to engage more and retain for long.


The adequate reward mechanism of a training program boost learners’ interest to participate in the game, collaborate with their peers and stay competitive. Online LMSs support gamification features by introducing points, levels, leaderboards, scores, and other milestones. Such gaming elements encourage learners to interact more with training content, earn points, retain knowledge, and boost overall performance.


Social learning

It is one of the most significant social collaboration features supported by online LMS systems. Several features which boost interaction levels among the employees include:  


  • Discussion forums- Online forums play a vital role in effective knowledge transfer. No matter where learners are located, they can share new ideas, comment on social media networks, and discuss their experiences. Also, managers can effectively discuss relevant topics in real-time to drive engagement and learning uptake.
  • User profile- It enables learners to share new ideas and seek expert advice via a centralized corporate LMS. Learners can also post comments, ask queries, images, create profiles, and evaluate their progress level on completion of the course.  
  • Newsfeed- Modern LMSs seamlessly integrate with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to display updated news from different user-profiles- Learner, Trainer, Manager, and others.

Organizations from different industry verticals are using online LMS systems to optimize learner engagement, knowledge retention, and organizational performance. G-Cube LMS is the proprietary learning management system which caters to the personalized training needs of globally dispersed audiences. It is designed to impart incredible user experience, better engagement, and effective utilization of the platform through robust analytics. G-Cube is coming with its latest offering of G-Cube LPP (Learning Performance Platform) and G-Cube LXP/LEP (Learning Experience Platform). The platforms deliver performance-driven and experienced-aligned learning to boost engagement, knowledge retention, increase ROIs, and stay competitive. To know more about our product, write to in**@gc**********.net.