Independence Day 2009 Celebrations at G-Cube

Posted on : August 17th, 2009
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India celebrated its 62nd Independence Day on 15th August. While there are many functions organized by government to commemorate I-Day, kite flying on this day has now emerged as a tradition of sorts for common people to celebrate free spirit of the nation.

We at G-Cube also celebrated the Independence Day with great joy and enthusiasm. There was a festive spirit in the air as the entire office was decked up in tricolor theme, and all G-Cubians were wearing tricolor badges or caps.

An inter-departmental kite flying competition was also organized, which turned out to be quite a battle of nerves and skills between different teams.

Partly cloudy sky and a cool breeze provided a perfect setting for the kite flying enthusiasts. It was an intense competition between all the teams as each tried to claim victory over other by brining down others kit. It also became a mini-Christmas of sorts for kids chasing the falling kites with almost 30 kites cut during the entire competition!

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